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Student Employment

Work Opportunities and Eligibility

Campus job opportunities are available to students in many areas including the library, mailroom and academic departments. Students are employed under the Federal Work-Study program or the Muskingum Work program. woodscleanup

Federal Work-Study is a government program with the purpose of providing part-time employment opportunities for undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need in order to assist them in their pursuit of a college education.

Students who are not eligible for Federal Work Study may also seek campus employment. A non work-study student may be hired if there are no work-study eligible students available to work, or the non work-study student has skills, abilities or experience the department needs which work study students do not have.

Most students are paid minimum wage ($8.15 per hour) and work 5 to 10 hours per week. All students are limited to a total of 20 hours a week for all jobs combined.

Steps to Getting a Job

Muskingum does not place students in jobs. At the beginning of each academic year, a listing of campus job openings is made available. Students must actively seek out jobs they are interested in by visiting employers who have positions available. New students should understand that the most desirable positions are often held by upperclassmen, so it is often wise to pursue all available positions.

Job Bulletin Board

Students who have actively sought positions with no success are encouraged to stop by the Office of Student Financial Services to speak with Carissa Taylor, our work study coordinator. She will share information with the student about job openings and add the student’s name to a list of those actively seeking an on-campus job. The list will be used when employers call our office to see if any students are still looking for jobs. We will then contact the students on the list to make them aware of the job opening. It is up to the student to follow up with the employer.

Getting Paid

When a student secures a position, several steps must be taken to formalize the hiring and payroll process:paycheck

  • Complete a Work Authorization Form (available from Student Financial Services). The form must be completed by the student and signed by the employer. A Work Authorization Form must be completed for each job a student may have on campus every academic year.
  • Complete an I-9, Ohio IT-4 and a W-4 (available in Student Financial Services) with two forms of identification (i.e. social security card, school ID, or any acceptable identification listed on the back of the I-9 form). A student only needs to complete these forms and provide identification once while working at Muskingum.
  • A student may not start working until all appropriate paperwork is completed.
  • Enter hours on Muskie Link each month for supervisor approval.
  • Students should sign up for Muskingum Epay to get next day access to your paycheck.
  • Provided that the student has completed all of the above, the student is paid electronically each month. The first payday is in October. Wages are paid directly to the student and are not subtracted from the student's account.

Summer employment at Muskingum University is considered non work-study. A summer employment list is available in Student Financial Services and online in mid April. In order to be eligible for summer employment the student must submit the items listed above along with a W-4 form. Students are paid electronically on a bi-weekly basis.

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