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How Much is College Really Going to Cost?

family reviewing finances

Muskingum has developed two different tools to help you answer that question. The purpose of these tools is to provide you with an estimate. Your estimate will be as accurate as the information you provide.


The Muskingum Commitment and Family Cost Estimator

The Muskingum Commitment and Family Cost Estimator is a table that will quickly and easily provide you with a range of financial aid you can expect to receive. You just need to know your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores and an estimate of family income. Our figures are based on the eligibility of other students and families with circumstances similar to yours. The Muskingum Commitment is an assurance that you will receive total gift aid equal to or greater than the lower amount in the total gift aid range, contingent upon documentation of academic and family financial information.

Please note that the Muskingum Commitment and Family Cost Estimator applies only to students who:

  • are entering first-year students
  • are dependents of their parents for financial aid purposes
  • will live in on-campus housing
  • will have completed a college preparatory "core curriculum"

Students who do not meet all of the above criteria may receive an estimate of financial aid eligibility through the Net Price Calculator.

The Muskingum Net Price Calculator
If you are interested in a more precise estimate of your financial aid eligibility we also offer the Muskingum Net Price Calculator (NPC). By answering questions similar to those found on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will be provided a clear and complete picture of your estimated college costs for your first year at Muskingum University. The NPC involves a longer process than the Commitment table, but provides more detailed information.

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