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The following keywords are offered as a way to find important information quickly. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact the Web Manager at or use our Campus Directory using the links to the left.

Use the alphabet links below to scan the list, or your web browser's "Find" option to search this page.

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  A About
    Academic Affairs Office
    Academic Calendar
    Academic Honoraries
    Accounting (Academic Program/Major)
    Accounting (Business Office)
    Activities (Campus Life)
    Add/Drop (Academics)
    Admission (Undergraduate)
    Admission (Graduate)
    Admission (International)
    Adult Degree Completion (MAP Program)
    Advancement Office
    Alumni Office
    Alumni, Distinguished
    Alumni Events
    American Studies (Academic Program/Major)
    Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    Animal Care and Human Subjects
    Annual Fund
    Anthropology (Academic Program/Major)
    Application, Admission
    Aramark - food service and catering
    Art Gallery
    Art Program (Academic Program/Major)
    Athletics Communication
    Award, Financial Aid
    Award, Financial Aid, International Students
Top of Page  B Baseball
    Basketball, Men's
    Basketball, Women's
    Billing, Business Office
    Biology (Academic Program/Major)
    Black and Magenta (Student Newspaper)
    Blackboard (CNS)
    Broadcasts (Athletics)
    Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) (Financial Aid)
    Business (Academic Program/Major)
    Business Office
Top of Page C Cafeterias, Residential Dining Halls
    Calendar, Academic
    Calendar, Campus Events
    Campaign for Muskingum (The Long Magenta Line)
    Camps, Athletics
    Campus Crusade for Christ
    Campus Events
    Campus Map, Interactive
    Campus Map, Local, with Directions
    Campus Map, Regional, with Driving Distances
    Campus Map, Printable (pdf)
    Campus News
    Campus Police, Safety
    Campus Visit Days (Admission)
    Career Service Events, Fairs, Workshops
    Catalog, Academic
    Chapel Services
    Chemistry (Academic Program/Major)
    Child and Family Studies (Academic Program/Major)
    Christian Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Christian Organizations
    Churches, Worship Services
    Classes, Academic
    Class Notes, Alumni
    Class Schedule
    Clubs (Campus Life)
    College Central Network
    Computer Science (Academic Program/Major)
    Coaches, Athletic
    Code of Conduct (Campus Life)
    Computer Requirements - CNS
    Computer Services - CNS
    Conservation Science (Academic Program/Major)
    Core Requirements - Academics
    Costs, Student Charges
    Costs, International Programs
    Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) (Financial Aid)
    Counselors, Admission
    Counseling and Wellness Office (Campus Life)
    Course Catalog, Academics
    Course Descriptions, Academics
    Course Listings, Academics
    Crime Statistics, Campus
    Criminal Justice (Academic Program/Major)
    Cultural Diversity (Campus Life)
Top of Page  D Degree Programs, Academic
    Degree Requirements, Academic
    Departments, Academic
    Digital Media Design (Academic Program/Major)
    Dining Halls
    Discipline (Campus Life)
    Dormitory, Dormitories
    Driver's License Services (International Students)
    Drop/Add (Academics)
Top of Page  E Early Childhood Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Earth Science (Academic Program/Major)
    Economics (Academic Program/Major)
    Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Educating Children Summer Training Institute (ECSTI)
    E-mail Access, WebMail
    E-mail FAQ (CNS)
    Employment Opportunities
    Engineering Science (Academic Program/Major)
    English (Academic Program/Major)
    English as a Second Language (ESL) (International Programs)
    Entrance Interviews (Financial Aid)
    Environmental Science (Academic Program/Major)
    Estimator, Financial Aid
    Events, Campus
    Events, International
    Exam Schedule, Finals
    Exit Interviews (Financial Aid)
Top of Page  F F-1 Students (International Programs)
    FAFSA (Financial Aid)
    Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    Fees & Charges
    Fees & Charges, International Programs)
    Final Exam Schedule
    Financial Aid
    Financial Aid Estimator (pdf)
    First Circle (Student Literary Magazine)
    First-Step Program (PLUS Program)
    First-Year Program (Academics)
    Food, Dining Halls
    Foreign Students
    Fraternity, Fraternities, Frats
    French (Academic Program/Major)
    Freshman Orientation (Campus Life)
 Top of Page  G Gallery (Art)
    Geology (Academic Program/Major)
    German (Academic Program/Major)
    Giving to Muskingum
    Golf, Men's
    Golf, Women's
    Grades, MuskieLink (WebAdvisor)
    Grades, Registrar
    Graduate Studies
    Graduation Rates
    Grants for Students (Financial Aid)
    Greek Life
Top of Page  H Habitat for Humanity
    Handbooks, Academic/Faculty
    Handbook, Student
    Health Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Health Insurance, Students
    Health Insurance, International Students
    Health Services (Campus Life)
    Health Science (Academic Program)
    History (Academic Program/Major)
    Honoraries, Academic
    Honors and Awards, Athletics
    Humanities (Academic Program/Major)
    Human Resources
Top of Page  I Immigration Services (International Students)
    Interdisciplinary Programs
    Interlibrary Loan
    International Affairs (Academic Program/Major)
    International Business (Academic Program/Major)
    International Handbook
    International Prospectus
    International Students
    International Student Services
    International Study
    Internet Access (CNS)
    Internships (Career Services)
    Interview Preparation (Career Services)
Top of Page  J J-1 Students (International Programs)
    Job Recruitment, Fairs
    Job Postings
    Job Recruiting
    Job Search, Teacher Education
    Journalism (Academic Program/Major)
    Judicial Referral, Review (Campus Life)
    Jumpstart Program (Graduate Studies)
Top of Page K, L Learning Communities
    Learning Disabilty Program (PLUS Program)
    Leadership Development
    Learning Support
    Leave of Absence
    Liberal Arts Essentials (LAE)
    Liberal Arts Essentials Checklist (pdf)
    Librarian, Ask a Question
    Library Account (Ohio Private Academic Libraries: OPAL)
    Library Archives
    Library Catalog
    Library Databases
    Library Government Publications
    Library Special Collections
    Library Subject Guides
    Loans, for Students (Financial Aid)
    Lost & Found
Top of Page M Mail and Copy Center
    Majors, Academic
    Majors, Interdisciplinary
    Maps, Directions, Campus
    Map, Printable with Directions (pdf)
    Master of Arts in Education (MAE) (Graduate Program)
    Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) (Graduate Program)
    Master of Information Strategy, Systems, & Technology (MISST) (Graduate Program)
    Mathematics (Academic Program/Major)
    Meal Plans
    Media Guides (Athletics)
    Medical Services (Campus Life)
    Molecular Biology (Academic Program/Major)
    Move-in Schedule (Campus Life)
    Multicultural (Campus Life)
    Muscoljuan (yearbook)
    Music Groups and Organizations
    Music (Academic Program/Major)
    Muskie Link (WebAdvisor)
    Muskie Preview
    Muskingum Adult Program (MAP)(Graduate & Continuing Studies)
    Muskingum Emergency Test Alert (META)
    Muskingum Fund
    Muskingum Programming Board (MPB) (Campus Life)
Top of Page  N Network Access (Computer & Network Services)
    Neuroscience (Academic Program/Major)
    News. Campus
    New Students (Campus Life)
    Newspaper, Campus
    Nursing (Academic Program/Major)
Top of Page  O Occupational Outlook Handbook (Career Services)
    Off-Campus Study, Study Abroad
    OhioLink (Library)
    Ohio Private Academic Libraries (OPAL)
    Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) (Financial Aid)
    On-line Bill Payment
    On-line Career Library
    On-line Donations
    On-line Registration
    Orbit Television
    Organizations (Campus Life)
    Orientation (Campus Life)
Top of Page  P Parking Regulations (pdf)
    Payment Plans (Business Office)
    Personal Data Sheet (Career Services)
    Philosophy (Academic Program/Major)
    Physical Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Physical Plant Office
    Physics (Academic Program/Major)
    PLUS Loan (Financial Aid)
    PLUS Program, for Students with Learning Disablities
    Police, Campus
    Policies (Campus Life)
    Political Science (Academic Program/Major)
    Pre-Professional Preparation (Academic)
    Print Balance
    Psychology (Academic Program/Major)
    Public Affairs (Academic Program/Major)
    Public Relations Office
Top of Page R Radio Station, WMCO 90.7 FM
    Recommendation Form (Career Services)
    Recruits, Recruitment (Athletics)
    Refund Policy (Student Accounts, Financial Aid)
    Register for Classes
    Religion (Academic Program/Major)
    Religious Life
    Request Information, Undergraduate
    Request Information, Graduate
    Request Information, MAP (Adult Degree Completion Program)
    Residence Halls
    Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    Residence Assistant (RA)
    Residential Computing
    Residential Life
    Resume/Cover Letter Writing (Career Services)
    Room Scheduling
Top of Page S Safety, Campus
    Schedule of Classes
    Schedules, Athletics
    Scholarships (Financial Aid)
    Scholarships (International)
    Science Division
    Security, Campus
    Selective Service (Financial Aid)
    Self-Designed Major, Interdisciplinary (Academic Program/Major)
    Service Learning (Campus Life)
    Sexual Misconduct
    Soccer, Men's
    Soccer, Women's
    Social Security Services (International Students)
    Sociology (Academic Program/Major)
    Sorority, Sororities
    Spanish (Academic Program/Major)
    Special Conditions Form (Financial Aid)
    Special Education (Academic Program/Major)
    Special Events, Academic
    Speech Communications (Academic Program/Major)
    Student Clubs
    Student Conduct (Campus Life)
    Student Handbook (Campus Life)
    Student Employment
    Student Life
    Student Organizations
    Student Senate (Campus Life)
    Student Services - Student Affairs
    Student Services, International Students
    Study Abroad
    Student Success Center
Top of Page  T Teacher Licensure (Academic Program/Major)
    Teaching (Academic)
    Technology (Academic)
    Tech Support (CNS)
    Television, Orbit Television
    Tennis, Men's
    Tennis, Women's
    Theatre (Academic Program/Major)
    Title IX
    TOEFL Requirement (International Programs)
    Track & Field
    Transcript Request
    Transportation, International Students
    Trips, Study Abroad
    Tuition, Student Charges
    Tuition Exchange Programs (Financial Aid)
    Tuition Remission Programs (Financial Aid)
Top of Page U, V Vaccinations
    Vault Career Information (Career Services)
    Verification (Financial Aid)
    Video, Campus
    Visa Services (International Programs)
    Vocational Rehabilitation, Bureau of (BVR) (Financial Aid)
Top of Page W Weather Announcements
    Wellness Center
    What Can I Do With This Major? (Career Services)
    Withdrawal, student
    WMCO 90.7 FM (Campus radio station)
    Work Study (Financial Aid)
Top of Page X, Y, Z