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Sociology Department The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Awards and Honoraries

The Dorothy Vellenga Award is given every year to the outstanding sophomore or junior in the department. The 07-08 winner is David Dicicco. The 08-09 winner is Jen Fletcher. The 09-10 winners are Marty Ethington and Katrina Housley.  The 10-11 winners are Katherine Burris and Ryan Kreiter.

The Wesley Roper Award is given every year to the outstanding senior. The 07- 08 winners are Alex Leichtag and LaKeshia Jones. The 08-09 winner is Sarah Shooter. The 09-10 winners are Amanda Summers and Ashley Zajacs. The 10-11 winners are Nick Fanning and Jenny Stover.

The Marigold Marsh Award is given every year for outstanding citizenship in the department. The 07-08 winner is Abby VanFleet. The 08-09 winner is Paige McConnell.



2008 Sandra Schroer was honored by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality as an "Emerging Professional" in the field of Sex Education & Research.

2007 Sandra Schroer was given the Strong Women Award on Muskingum College Campus.

Steve McGuire recently had a movie of his, A Day in the Life, screened at the New Media Film Festival in San Francisco and the Seattle Truly Independent Film Festival in Seattle..