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Sociology Department The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

After Graduation - Alumni

Janel Caudill, who produced the film College or Child, as her senior studies project, presented her film at the 2008 North Central Sociological Association meeting. Her film looks at the dilemma of college students who have children while in collge and want to continue their studies but do not recieve institutional support that they need.  Janel currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is Lead Photographer at George Street Photo & Video and Owner at Pearl Heart Wedding Photography.

Ryan Lentz made the film American Nightmare, for his senior studies project and presented the film at the 2005 American Sociological Association meeting. He obtained a masters in social work from Temple University and currently is in the social work field in Cincinnati.

Codie Wedge is attending graduate school at Western Michigan University.

Steph Carter is working in human services in Akron, Ohio.

Jason Anderson, has been doing social work in North Central, Ohio.

Abby VanFleet is attending St. Louis University for graduate school.

Nikki Gerome has been hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Emily Takosik Smith has taken a position as the Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Muskingum.

Heather Nash is working for a mental health company in Akron.

Ellen Hine is in a graduate program in sociology at Eastern Michigan University.