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Logo The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Come join us on October 27th for "Hooked on" Science & Health Professions! Register here.

Congrats Nursing Faculty, Staff, and Students for your second year in a row with 100% first try NCLEX pass rate!

MU Engineers adapt toys for children with disabilities

Brothers Staci Wilson and Warren Wilson, engineering science majors from Clevelend, worked in parternship with Associate Professor Dr. Sandra Soto-Caban to create and implement the toy adaption program. To read the full article, click here.

Welcome New Faculty

Please help me welcome our new faculty members starting Fall 2017.

Dr. Seth Barrett - Chemistry
Dr. Giovanna Grandinetti - Chemistry

Sisterhood ReCoded Camp Comes to Muskingum County Area

Sisterhood ReCoded, a coding camp for girls 11 to 14 years old, will be held this summer on the campus of Muskingum University. Part of a national summer campaign, the camp is designed to engage young girls with interactive, fun, technology while making like-minded friends and meeting college mentors who have a passion about technology. New Concord,’s Sisterhood ReCoded is sponsored by Muskingum University’s Science Division and the AspireIT program division of National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

Registration ends on June 15, and camp dates are August 19 and 26 and September 2 and 9. Muskingum University’s site is hosting a total of 30 participants. Registration for Sisterhood ReCoded is free, and transportation assistance may be available.

Participants will create an Android mobile application in order to solve a problem of the camper’s choice. Emily Vanasdale and Regina Baker, Muskingum University computer science students, and Muskingum University Assistant Professor Jay Shaffstall, assistant professor of computer science, will lead, instruct and assist participants. Sisterhood ReCoded is one of 54 camps around the country and the only one in Ohio.

For more information or to register, visit the website or email Professor Shaffstall. To learn more about NCWIT AspireIT, visit

Students Presented Research findings during Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week

Muskingum University students presented their research findings during the science division’s Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week, April 24-26, on campus.

The week featured two primary events, The James Bradford Colloquium and the Homer S. Anderson Lecture. At the colloquium, students spoke on their research projects to an audience of their peers and faculty members, each with a strict 15-minute time limit that emulates a professional science conference. Those presentations were then judged and ranked by the faculty, and awards were granted to the top three presenters.

The following students received top honors for their colloquium presentations:

· First place was awarded to Rachel Jamiel who presented Creating a Natural Treatment for the Prevention of Poison Ivy Allergic Reactions.

· Second place went to Rashelle Lashley who presented Ginger Extract Effects Neuronal Serotonin and Dopamine Levels in Rats Treated with the Chemotherapy Drug Cisplatin.

· Third place was awarded to Leah Buck who presented Constructing a Universal Algebraic Differential Equation Based on Certain Trigonometric Relationships.

The following students also made presentations at the colloquium:

· Landis Bates presented Modeling Mars with Arcgis: Analyzing Mars and Evidence of Ancient Water Landforms.

· Mary Moody presented Stressors in the Lives of College Students.

· Jaliah Oglesby presented Eracism: The Effects of Assimilating into Predominantly White Institutions on the African American Female Psyche.

· Kaylee Piatt presented Cross Training Classical Singers to Sing Musical Theatre.

At the Homer S. Anderson Lecture, students made poster presentations of their research in a manner that is typical of a professional science conference. Each student was expected to be available to answer questions about their poster from their peers and faculty members.

The Anderson Lecture included a presentation by Muskingum alumnus Dr. Trevor Lutz, an internal medical resident in the United States Army. Lutz received his Master’s degree at Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2015.

His lecture was titled “From the Chemistry Lab to the Heart Catheterization Lab: The Story of a ‘Muskie’ and His Journey Forward,” encompassing his experiences and opportunities at Muskingum and how they helped pave the way to his post-undergraduate education and career.

The following students received top honors at the Anderson Lecture poster session:

· First place went to Derrick Barker, Erik Allbright, Jacob Miller and Tess Phelps who presented Force Detecting Mouth Guard Insert to Help Detect Concussions.

· Second place was awarded to Tyler M. Lynn who presented Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Generation 1, 4-Phenylenediamine Core Dendrimers for Release Studies with 2-Naphthol.

· Third place was given to Kim Holmes who presented Synthesis, Modification, and the Characterization of Cationic Bodipy Derivatives for the Assay of Antibacterial Activity.

The following students also presented posters at the session:

· Angel Baker, Jaclyn Beskid, Payton Bevard, Lindsay Cunningham, Abbey Dupler, Laura Hill, Haylea Garner, Tara Glaze, Megan Knowlton, Antonio Meehan, Hannah Opst, Caitlyn Smith, Madison Stones, Anna Voris, Alyssa Williams, and Janelle Guentter presented Education on Correct Implementation of Pediatric Early Warning System Scale (Pews) Improves Patient Outcomes.

· Johnny Barba, Brad Donathan, Ohlen Rudy, Andrew Marczewski, Ceylan Mercimek, and Tom Watson presented Use of Video Testimonials to Improve Diabetes Health Literacy and Behavior.

· Landis Bates presented Modeling Mars with Arcgis: Analyzing Mars and Evidence of Ancient Water Landforms.

· Josie Baum presented Influences of Age and Education on Attitudes Associated with Seeking Psychological Help.

· Alexander N. Bryant presented The Use of Kinesiotape to Correct Forward Shoulder Posture.

· Leah Buck presented Constructing a Universal Algebraic Differential Equation Based on Certain Trigonometric Relationships.

· Jeffrey Burkholder, Surya Patel and Jacob Van Leeuwen presented The Effects of the Aging Process on White Wine.

· Jordan Butcher presented Effects of Labeling on Mental Health Stigma and Help Seeking Intentions.

· Katelyn Butcher, Stephanie Clark and Jacob Rinehart presented Eugenol, Syringaldehyde, and Antioxidant Levels in Toasted and Untoasted Cherry and Oak Woods.

· Ashton Clarke presented Low Back Pain: Comparing Core Instability in Lineman.

· MacKenzie Coburn presented Yoga and its Effects on Flexibility in College Students.

· Dakota DeAmicis presented Music Genres and Their Effect on 1RM for Deadlift, Bench Press, and Squat.

· Eric Dowery Jr. presented Recall & Recognition Memory for Pictures vs. Words Featuring the Serial Position & Von Restorff Effects.

· Margaret Hale presented The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Salivary Cortisol Following a Social Stressor.

· Robert S. Hisey III presented Physical Activity and its Effects on a Cognitive Task in College Students and Older Adults.

· Keri Hunt, Maria Thurston and Johanna Whetstone presented The Influence of Time Since Reclamation on the Abundance of Grassland Birds on a Surgace Mine (The Wilds).

· Rachael Jamiel presented Creating a Natural Treatment for the Prevention of Poison Ivy Allergic Reactions.

· Anthony Kall presented Intervention Using a Foam Roller and the Impact of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (Doms) and Hamstring Flexibility.

· Anthony Kolakowski, Nate Frencik, Haylea Debolt, and Kyle Baker presented The Marriage of Wood and Wine with the Extensions Determination of Furfural Content in White Wine.

· Ryan Larrick presented Investigating the Relationship Between Climate Change & The Increase of Parasitic Organisms in Artic Climate Conditions.

· Rashelle Lashley presented Ginger Extract Effects Neuronal Serotonin and Dopamine Levels in Rats Treated with the Chemotherapy Drug Cisplatin.

· Logan Lazar presented Memory Recall of Different Forms of Ads.

· Dakota Lickliter presented The Effects of Music on Asperger’s Syndrome.

· Kristin Mace presented The Influence of Social Media, Society, and Peers on Body Dissatisfaction.

· McKenzee Martin presented College Undergraduate Studies: Social Support Systems and Preferred Communication Techniques.

· Chantelle Massie presented The Effects of Education on Perceived Mental Illness.

· Anna Mayo presented Detection and Quantitation of Biotin and Claritin® in Human Hair Using Solid Phase Extraction, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry.

· Liz Mitchell presented College Students’ Perceptions of Mentally Ill Offenders.

· Mary Moody presented Stressors in the Lives of College Students.

· Shelby Nelson presented Traumatic Injuries and Academic Performance.

· Steven O’Hara presented Vestibular Post Concussion Therapy: Using Sports-Related Activities After Passing the Impact Test.

· Kaylee Piatt presented Cross Training Classical Singers to Sing Musical Theatre.

· Jonathan Raugh presented The Behavioral Analysis of African Painted Dogs (Lycaon Pictus) in Captivity.

· Erika Saunders presented Ecosystem Health Observation of Muskingum University Streams.

· Allison Sommers presented The Effects of Singing on the Development of Instrumentalists.

· Tori Sullivan presented Stressors Associated with Anxiety and Its Relationship to Commuter and Residential Undergraduate College Students.

· Alana Young presented The Effects of Childhood Abuse on Adult Criminal Offending.

· Morgenna R. Zuby presented Biomass Effects of Roundup Pro on Anecic Earthworm Lumbricus Terrestris: Repeated Low-Dose Application in a Microcosm Setting.



Come join us March 17, 2017 for a "Hooked on Science" Day!

Senior Leah Buck attends the Joint Mathematics Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America

On January 6, 2017, Senior Leah Buck attended the Joint Mathematics Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and Mathemtical Association of Ameria. Leah presented her summer REU research titled Sufficient Conditions for Linear Operator on [x] to be Monotone, with a partner research student from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Way to go Leah!

Leah Buck and student

Students Get Fired Up with New Ignition Program

The notion that college students are full of ideas and imagination is now a part of business legend. Consider the success of Mark Zuckerberg's now not-so-little startup called Facebook, and Fred Smith's then-crazy notion that packages could be shopped overnight via what is now FedEx, both of which were ideas born in college.

What is new in student entrepreneurship is the just-launched Muskingum University Entrepreneurial Ignition Program, designed to help students get the direction and support they need for their inspirations. The group's first meeting in November attracted a number of students, all with an eye toward helping dreams become realty.

The foundation of the program is that collaboartive support can get good ideas moving.

In fact, the creation of the Ignition Program at Muskingum was a collaborative effort itself. Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Jay Shaffstall, realized that students may need help seeing an idea through to fruition. So, he contact his colleagues. "The inspiration for this is how most successful web companies have started," Shaffstall explained. "That is, simple projects by college students that grew. I see a lot of potential in our students."

Fall Research and Internship Forum 2016

Students from the Science Division as well as the Social Science Division presented posters on their research and internships that were completed in the summer of 2016 on October 19, 2016. Here is a listing of students with who presented posters.

Paige Rogers - Biology
Morgenna R. Zuby - Conservation Science
Landis Grant Bates - Environmental Science
Keri Hunt, Maria Thurston, and Johanna Whetstone - Biology
Ciara Smith - Biology
Zyler Flowers - Engineering
Alix Flint - Geology
Erika Saunders - Biology
Jessica Matthews - Biology
Logan Ryan - Health Administration
Levi Angel - Mathematics and Computer Science
Elizabeth Knauss - Neuroscience
Jessica Noll - Environmental Science
Danielle Kindel - Environmental Science
Harrison Raub - Environmental Science
Leah Buck - Mathematics and Computer Science
Jesse Swope - Environmental Science
Sarah Landuyt - Biology
Dustn Bennett - Geology

To view each student's abstract, click here.

Congratulations Nursing Department!

The Class of 2016 Nursing students had a 100% Pass Rate on the NCLEX!

Congratulations to all faculty, staff, and students!

New Major of Study

Animal Studies

Animal Studies is designed for students with interests in developing a career path that involves animals. Our program is deisgned to prepare students in three general areas: science, psychology and communicatio, and management and finance.

Science courses provide knowledge from areas within biology that focus on animals and public health. Psychology and communication courses provide practical knowledge and skills required for leading and administering a financially sustainable organization.

The Animal Studies program is designed to be advising intensive, as students will be strongly advised to pursue internship and/or research experiences to better prepare themselves for their future carrers.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jim Dooley, Department of Biology. Email:

Welcome New Faculty

Please help me welcome our new faculty members starting Fall 2016.

Dr. Elizabeth Azhikannickal - Physics and Engineering
Dr. Alisa Neeman - Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Jamie Rafter - Biology


Science Week 2016

April 18 - 22

The following students presented at Science Week 2016.

Applegarth, Dylan J. - Modeling Lahar Composition and Stream Channel Impact in Small-Scale
Barnett, Kennedy - The Relationship between Anxiety and the Emotional Stoop Task
Bates, Landis; Gerdau, Jeremy; McCougan, Ian - How Petroleum was Stored in the Squirrel Sandstone
Bryon, Aliyah - The Link Between Sympathetic Activation, Creativity, and Schizotypy
Carnes, Michael - Bystander effect and gender differences
Correa, Marcus; Ryan, Brandon; Zhu, Guozhu - Remote Operation of Smoke Detectors via Mobile Application
Holman, Rylee - Modication of Nafion with 1-decyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride in Varying Molar Ratios to Enhance Mass Transport while Maintaining Cationic Selectivity
Holmes, Kimberly - The Effect of Monomer Ratio and Temperature on Methacrylate Resins
Horn, Raven - Facial Attractiveness and Effects on Self Esteem
Jamiel, Rachael; Mayo, Anna - Determination of Rhodamine B In Cosmetics via Column Chromatography, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry, and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Lynn, Tyler; Patel, Milan - Preparation and Charaterization of a Thermo-Sentive Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Hydrogel Loaded with Pharmacutical Compound Ibuprofen
McGee, Sara - The Effects of Art Therapy Methods on Stress
Nursing Students (Allen, Miranda; Baum, Erika; Carney, Emily; Fobes, Julie; Jones, Ashley; Kelley, Julie; Knowlton, Emily; Lowe, Gracie; Shell, Mckenzey; Vernon, Josie; Ward, Tyler) - "Back" to Caring
Seidel, Sarah - Alcohol Consumption Between Greeks, Athletes, and Greek-Athletes
Sharier, Anna; Walker, Camille; Raub, Harrison; Moss, Maddy - Abundance of Grassland Birds on a Surface Mine (The Wilds) Reclaimed Across a Chronological Sequence
Snider, Katie - You vs. Yourself: Personality as a Predictor or Self-Objectification
Stack, Kelli - Uptake and Release of Naphthalene Derivatives in Metal Organic Framwork Compounds
Taylor, Paige - Coping with Student Loan Debt Stress: Problem Focused vs. Emotion Focused Coping Strategies
Wyckoff, Seth - Perceptions of Individuals with Body Modifications

Updated: October 3, 2017