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Science Alumni Success...


Class of 2008

Miller, Craig - Craig completed medical school at Ohio State University and matched into his first
choice residency program in ophthalmology starting in 2013.

Craig sent Muskingum this update while in medical school at Ohio State:

"Doing dissections on the cadavers is incredibly interesting. It is amazing how much you can learn from doing dissections and how unique each individual body is. I love the material and being here, and am definitely thrilled with my choice of coming here. I was at first a little hesitant as to whether I would be as capable as most of the other students because of my attending of a small high school and small college. However, I am getting through it better than most and feel that I am doing great, and hope that I am representing my fellow Muskies well. I have definitely learned that Muskingum prepared me just as much, if not more than a lot of the other schools that the other medical students attended.

Class of 2003

Badger (Gill), Jessica - Jessica is currently enrolled in her second year of the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Stark State College in Canton, Ohio. She was married on May 26, 2007 and currently resides in West Salem, Ohio.

Cornell, Jack - Jack has graduated with a masters in Plant Science from Missouri State University and is working on a publication for the Natural Areas Journal on Lespedeza cuneata, an invasive prairie plant in Missouri. He has also published a scientific paper in the journal, Southwestern Naturalist, on Salt Cedar in the Rio Conchos in Mexico. Jack is currently working for Monsanto, doing research on corn breeding in Kihei, Hawaii. Four generations of corn are grown a year using molecular markers to find desired genotypic traits and cross pollenate them with plants that have the desired phenotypic traits.

Pilchner, Ericka - Ericka is now working for the NPS Natural Sounds Program in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company does acoustic research in our national parks.

Class of 2002

Nichole Prescott - Nichole graduated with a BS in biology in 2002 as Nichole Chandler. This year she accepted a position as the Supervisor of the Tissue Biospecimen Resource Center at the Cleveland Clinic. It is a newly created, centralized biorepository that banks human tissue for research use. Nichole also got engaged on her birthday, March 29, to her fiancé, Ryan Fewell. The cou-ple will be getting married on September 22, 2012, in Cleveland.

Class of 1992

Franklin, Dr. Donald - Donald says, "Muskingum's biology department is second to none in preparing students for professional education, especially in areas like anatomy and physiology, as well as histology. Your current students will have a great advantage in your professional education. I can honestly say that the biology department got me to where I am today."

Donald is a chiropractic physician practicing in Mentor, Ohio. He has started his own practice as of November 2004 and is the treating chiropractic physician for the Cleveland Indians since 1999. All chiropractic techniques utilized in his office ar research-based procedures that are verified by double blind studies. A majority of his clinical experience has come from the professional sports arena, and Donald has no doubt that his education has played a significant role in the success he has had so far.

Class of 1956 

Margie Rittenhouse - Margie has "had a great career in the field of biology." Her career was in Medical Technology and Laboratory Management. She received her master's degree from Central Michigan in Hospital Administration in 1980. Margie had the opportunity fo work in hospital administration as an Assistant Administrator for several yars before retiring in 1993. She has appreciated her education and the opportunities that it allowed her.

Margie was so impressed when she was back on campus for her 50th reunion to meet so many of the adminstration and students and to hear of Muskingum's many accomplishments in the past few years. Margie is very proud to be a Muskie.


Class of 2006

Ioconi, Ala - The Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research group at the OSU College of Pharmacy presented 13 papers at the 13th International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) annual meeting held from May 3-7, 2008 in Toronto. This is the third consecutive year the team, led by Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan, Merrell Dow Professor of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research at the OSU College of Pharmacy, again presented 13 papers. Five papers from the 13 were poster award finalists. Ms. Ala Iaconi’s paper entitled ENHANCING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF COMMUNITY STROKE RISK SCREENING: A RANDOMIZED CONTROL TRIAL was judged the best student poster in 2006 at ISPOR. 

Morgan, Amanda - Amanda is in medical school. Although her first year was hard, she felt "very well prepared." She is currently in Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and Osteopathic Principles and Practice.

Class of 2005

Klenk, Erin - Erin recently had her master's thesis defense and passed. She will be graduating in June from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Science in Immunobiology.

Class of 2003

Chema, Andrew - Andrew will finished his intern year in family medicine at Akron City Hospita in 2008. He also be rotated for a month at Kennedy Space Center in Florida in their Aeorspace Medicine Program in February of 2009.

Mickelson (Baker), Ashlee - Ashlee graduated from Muskingum with a degree in chemistry and molecular biology. After graduation, she went to West Virginia University Medical School and graduated in 2007. Currently, Ashlee, is a pediatric resident at the University of Florida in Jacksonville. She got married in 2006 to her husband, Joey, who was also a medical student at the time. His is currently a family medicine resident at the naval base in Jacksonville.

Class of 1998 

Blakeslee, Dustin Humienny - After graduating from Muskingum, Dustin attended Ohio University's College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 2002. She is currently in her third year of residency training in the field of psychiatry at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio.

Dustin would be glad to talk with any Muskingum students considering applying to medical school.

Class of 1984

Kennedy, Michael A. - Michael says, with all sincerity, "My positive experience as an undergraduate at Muskingum College from 1980-1984, and particularly, the inspiration that I experienced working with Dr. Ray Rataiczak in the Chemistry Department, has stayed closely with me over the years and helped lead me back to Miami University at this point in my career."

Michael has recently accepted the position of Eminent Scholar and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. For the past 13 years, he has acted as a Principal Investigator and Staff Scientist in the Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics group within the Biological Sciences Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Michael's new position at Miami University offers exciting new scientific and educational opportunities as he looks forward to moving back into an academic environment.

Class of 1972

Lewis, Barb - Barb says, "The beauty of Muskingum was the ability to be a lot of things at once." Barb is currently the Operator Qualification and Training Manager at Utility Technologies International Corporation in West Jefferson, Ohio, and also designs and produces wedding cakes.



Mathematics and Computer Science (MACS)

Class of 1989

Terrell, Roger - Roger has recently had a career move and is now the Chief Information Officer of the North Highland Company. Founded in 1992 and head quartered in Atlanta, North Highland is a privately-held, employee-owned independent management and technology consulting company that delivers strategic and tactical business solutions to Fortune 1000 clients and government agencies. It placed fourth out of 190 top firms in Consulting Magazine's Best Firms to Work for 2007 competition.

Class of 1983

Bressoud, Thomas - Thomas was awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor at Denison University. He served as General Chair for the flagship conference of ACM SIGOPS (the special interest group on Operating Systems), the 21st ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP 2007), held in Stevenson, Washington. Thomas has also taken on the post of Associate Editor for Operating Systems Review (OSR), the SIGOPS journal.

Class of 1981

Adams, Greg and Triplett, Larry - Greg and Larry recently celebrated 25 years of being in business under the name of Resource Systems.  The company recently built a 14,000 sq ft facility near New Concord and employs nearly 50 people.  The company offers a software application for long term care facilities nationwide called'Caretracker'. It uses touch screen technology to collect and reporthealth care information to help improve care plans and insure accuratereimbursement for services.

Class of 1962

Nagy, Alex  - In December of 1956 following the defeat of the Hungarian Uprising, Alex Nagy escaped to Austria. He spent two years in Austria and from there he came to the U.S. in 1958 on a full scholarship to Muskingum College, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics.

Alex says “attending Muskingum on a scholarship and meeting my future wife was truly a blessing in my life.”  He includes a chapter about his college days at Muskingum in his recently published book, Coming To America: My Long Journey Freedom,

Class of 1959

Woodyard, Owen -  Owen says, " I have some unbelievably fond memories of my days at Muskingum. Thanks so much for the opportunity you gave me to have such a beautiful and nurturing environment as I grew into manhood!!"

After graduating from Muskingum in 1959, Owne had a fellowship to go to Florida State.  He started off in nuclear physics, but decided to switch to the math department.  Owen has been in education in some form or other (teacher, Dean of Students, principal, college professor) for over 46 years. now. He is currently teaching at Manatee Community College in Bradenton.

Physics and Engineering (PHEN)

Class of 2007

Miller, Charles - Charles will be a graduate student in the Material Science and Engineering Program at the University of Texas at Dallas. He will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering.

Class of 1963

Kohl, John - John is currently a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Principal Investigator of the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite, a joint mission of the European Space Agency and NASA.