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About the Faculty

Hallie Baker is a Social Gerontologist and serves on the Animal Care and Human Subjects committee. Service on this committee allowed her to develop both a passion for research ethics and an interest in future research on bias, specifically ageism, among IRB committee members. She currently is engaged in learning and using the best practices in online pedagogy and serves as a mentor to others new to this teaching format. She maintains her status as a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio. 


Ana Kehrberg is a neuroscientist who teaches Physiological Psychology, Advanced Experimental Psychology, and Psychopharmacology.  She also teaches courses in the Neuroscience interdisciplinary major.  Her research uses a rodent model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to investigate the effects of alcohol on the developing brain.


Dinah Meyer is a clinical psychologist who coordinates the departmental internships for our students gaining field experience in the mental health field. She teaches Theories of Personality, Abnormal Behavior, Counseling Theory and Psychological Testing.


Larry Normansell is Harry and Mary Evelyn Laurent Distinguished Professor of Psychology.  He serves as Chair of the Social Science Division and as Chair of the Health Science Department.  He teaches Introduction to Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and Sensation & Perception.  His research interests are in affective neuroscience, where he studies the neural and neurochemical control of social emotions.


Mark Stambush is a social psychologist who teaches Experimental Psychology, Statistics, and Social Psychology.  His major research interests are in attitudes and social influence, particularly the areas of prejudice and cognitive dissonance.


Colleen Stevenson is a developmental psychologist.  She is the Faculty Administrator of the Muskingum University Center for Child Development and is an advisor for majors in Child and Family Studies and Psychology. She teaches courses in developmental psychology and cognition.  Her research interests are in language and cognitive development in childhood.


Dave Skeen is Professor Emeritus.