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Pre-Law Advisors

The pre-law program at Muskingum University is advised by Professors King, Parker, and Tabachnick.

Dr. Brian King:

Professor Stacy Parker:

Dr. David Tabachnick:


About the Minor

          The American Bar Association, in its official statement, “Preparing for Law School,” asserts that there is “no single path” of academic study for undergraduates planning to gain admission to law school, meaning that there is no single subject that will best position a student for successful completion of a law degree. Instead, the ABA recommends that undergraduates focus on the development of “important skills and values, and significant bodies of knowledge that [students] can acquire prior to law school and that will provide a sound foundation for a legal education.”

          This course of study is designed to strengthen the skills necessary to succeed in law school. It is not a program which centers on law-related courses, as this approach is not recommended by law schools, the LSAC, or the ABA. Rather, curricular focus is on coursework that will build students’ skills in areas such as critical thinking and analysis, active and critical reading, effective written and oral communication, research abilities, and a wide range of foundational knowledge in areas such as history, government and politics, math and finance, human behavior and interaction, and global diversity.

          All pre-law students are encouraged to pursue out-of-class activities that further develop the above-mentioned skill sets, as well as provide experiences that develop organizational and research skills, emphasize the importance of civic engagement, and further develop individuals as “whole persons.”


Pre-Law Minor Requirements (22 hours)

Only two courses from any given discipline can count toward completion of the minor.

Core Requirements (7 hours):

  • IDIS 360-- Pre-Law
  • LIBR 220-- Beyond Google: Research Skills and Resources
  • PHIL 202-- Logic and Critical Thinking

Distribution Requirements (15 hours):
One course each category below:

Analytic/Problem-Solving Skills

  • COMM 335-- Small Group Communication
  • ENGL 361-- Language: Structure and Usage
  • POLS 312-- Constitutional Law I: Governmental Powers
  • POLS 317-- Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties

Critical Reading Abilities

  • CRMJ 318/POLS 318-- Criminal Law
  • ENGL 320-- Principles of Literary Study
  • HIST 372-- Empires of North America
  • PHIL 325-- Western Philosophy: The Ancients
  • THEA 352-- Dramatic Literature

Writing Skills

  • ENGL 201-- Advanced Writing
  • ENGL 202-- Business Writing
  • HIST 380-- The History of the American Dream
  • PHIL 343/POLS 343/SOCI 335-- Social and Political Philosophy
  • SOCI 320-- Racial and Cultural Minorities

Oral Communication

  • BUSI 416-- Professional Selling
  • COMM 205-- Extemporaneous Speaking
  • COMM 260-- Voice and Diction
  • COMM 315-- Argumentation
  • COMM 345-- Interviewing
  • THEA 275-- Acting I
  • THEA 316-- Improvisation

Law and Society

  • BUSI 360-- Business Law
  • COMM 420-- Media Law
  • CRMJ 351-- Criminal Procedure
  • POLS 323-- Administrative Law
  • PSYC 406-- Psychology of Law