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Logo The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Career Opportunities for Students

We currently have a number of publications available in the departmental
suite in Cambridge Hall which deal with careers in Political Science.
Please stop by to read/view one or more of the following materials;

"Career Encounters: Political Science" (video: approx. 28 min.)

"Political Science: An Ideal Liberal Arts Major" (pamphlet)

"Careers and the Study of Political Science" 6th edition (booklet)

"Earning a Ph.D. in Political Science" (booklet)

In addition, any of the faculty in political science should be considered solid resources
of information and advice when considering a career after graduation with a political science
degree. Feel free to take full advantage of this on-campus resource early and often!

Information About Careers in Political Science

General Information

The study of political science is intended first and foremost to provide a student with substantive insight and analytical precision regarding one of the most fundamental areas of human existence -- the structures and processes of power in society.
By learning the processes of the distribution of power in organizations and institutions, as well as across the whole society, one is well prepared for understanding the processes in a decision-making environment.
That learning is strongly reinforced by high standards of analytical thought and writing skills, with a considerable amount of independent decision-making by the student within the learning context. Political science, then, opens doors to any career choice.
Common choices for careers by political science majors have been positions in government and political organizations at the federal, state, and local levels, recently including the military, the police, juvenile counseling, extended health care administration, political campaign fund-raising; the law, in a variety of private and public organizations and courts; education, both at secondary and University levels; business, both small and large, and also including positions in local chapters as well as the national U.S. Chamber of Commerce; accounting; journalism; and the ministry in several denominations.
Examples of a few career paths of some graduates of the Political Science Department include a former president of General Motors Al Warren, the past president of the Ohio Bar Association Gerald Draper, and the well-recognized Jack Hanna, who has brought zoo life to us through television. A recent graduate, Sean Logan, was elected as the youngest member of the Ohio State House of Representatives.

Post Graduate Study in General

Some students will choose to continue onto post-graduate academic programs or professional preparation programs following their Muskingum graduation.
A political science degree can lead into post-graduate programs in the law, business administration, the seminary, public administration, and, of course, further study in political science. The advanced degrees and preparation enhance career opportunities and future choices.
The key to acceptance into the post-graduate program of choice is an exemplary undergraduate academic record. Students must be aware of the importance of success at Muskingum and set their targets to match their plans for the future.
Department graduates are currently enrolled in a variety of post-graduate political science Masters and Doctorate programs at Oxford University, Oxford, England, George Washington School for Political Management, Florida State University, Miami University, and the University of Toledo.

Masters and/or Doctoral Degrees

The Department maintains current information regarding a variety of Master and Doctorate programs around the country and in other nations.
The faculty will advise and aid students in their planning for graduate school as well as helping them to make appropriate choices. They can also help in preparing for the graduate experience, including applying for available graduate assistantships.

Law School/Careers in Law

The Pre-Law Advising Program for Muskingum is under the coordination of Dr. Brian King in the Political Science Department. Students interested in attending law school should meet with Dr. King at the earliest opportunity. He is current with information regarding programs and the requirements for admission.  A number of Muskingum students are accepted each year to attend law schools across Ohio and in other states, and pursue successful careers in a variety of fields associated with the law.  As with any post-graduate academic program, law school admission also requires advanced planning during the undergraduate years at Muskingum. And, again, an exemplary undergraduate academic record is necessary.

Other Post-Graduate Activities

Rather than going to graduate school or law school immediately following Muskingum graduation, some students have chosen other post-graduate activities. These decisions may lead directly into professional positions, or they may be a alternative method of gaining experiences before continuing on to a post-graduate academic program.
Several of our recent graduates received awards as Ohio Legislative Interns, a year-long program at the Ohio State House following graduation. This highly competitive program commonly leads into further professional positions in governmental organizations or into elective office.
Past students have participated in the Peace Corps, with one (as an example) serving for two years and gaining experience in Ghana and Nigeria, including working with on-site representatives of the European Union.
There are a host of these types of opportunities in government (federal, state, and local), as well as in the private sector (including, for example, lobby/interest groups and political party organizations).

The political science faculty will help students find programs that fit their
interests with materials and information that is received in the department.