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The Model UN Program


Have you considered Model United Nations?

What is Model United Nations? Model UN is an activity in which students (in teams) represent a nation in a United Nations simulation.

Why should I join? Model UN is a great way to meet other people and learn about the world. The Muskingum team meets weekly to study the country we will represent and try to raise money. In November, the entire team goes to New York to attend the American Model United Nations conference.  In the past we have represented countries including Belarus, the United Kingdom, Kenya, and Israel.

I do not plan to study political science. Why should I join? The United Nations discusses many issues, including cultural issues (such as language and religion), economics, and scientific matters (such as health care and the growing size of deserts).

What happens in New York? In New York, we meet students from over 100 different institions of higher education and universities in the United States and other countries. Each school represents at least one country. The goal of the conference is to learn how international politics works. But, it is also a great way to meet a lot of different people and make friends.

We will be in New York for four days. During this time, we also have a chance to see a little of this great American city. There is a free afternoon, which students have used to visit art museums, historical places, or just go shopping. There is also a dance during the conference.

AMUN GroupPhoto

What would I need to do? Everyone who joins must help with both research and fundraising. You would help the other team members write a research paper about the country we will represent. You will also have to research an issue (such as women’s rights or chemical weapons) which will be discussed at the conference. Finally, you will have to help raise money to go to New York, or else you will have to pay for your share of the cost (usually over $750).

The MUN club goes year-round, although students need only enroll in the Spring semester class to go to New York.  It is recommended that students also take POLS 470: United Nations, 6:30-9:00 Wednesday evenings.  The Model UN meetings are held concurrently.

Why can’t I just go to New York? Our trip is the result of months of planning and work by the team. It is not fair to let those who have not done the work join us.

Will this count for credit? All participants must enroll in IDIS 140, Model United Nations, and first-time students are recommended to enroll in POLS 470. The professor will need to sign your registration form to allow you to add this class. Your work would then earn one credit towards graduation. If this would cause an overload for a student, additional fees may be waived, but this is not guaranteed.

Groupphoto1 MUNpeople

What if I don’t know much about politics or the United Nations? The IDIS class and POLS 470 will include enough information about the UN to allow you to participate.

I am afraid that I do not speak English well enough to participate. There is usually another Model UN member who will work with you during the entire conference. We will prepare you well before we leave.

Where can I get more information?
• The conference we attend has a website:
• You can also talk to the advisor of the club, Dr. Richard Arnold
• The Model UN club will have a table at the Activities Fair.