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Logo The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Internships & Other Programs

There are a number of internship opportunities of interest to political science students at Muskingum. Some are department-generated, while others are externally created and controlled.
Both types of internship possibilities are discussed below.

Department-Based Internships

Advisor: Dr. Walter Huber, Department of Political Science

Internships in Political Science are arranged within and directed
from Dr. Huber's office in the Department of Political Science.

Students have participated in a variety of experiences in public and private organizations in on-site working environments.
These are opportunities to see and to participate in the inside workings of organizations and processes that supplement and enhance classroom experiences. Most of these positions are within governmental organizations, such as, city, county, or state offices, the state legislature, city or state agencies. In the past few years, a number of opportunities have been created within the Zanesville, Ohio city government structure, and similar positions are in the works for the city of Cambridge, Ohio.
They also include political campaign organizations and political party organizations. Some are held in the private sector, such as, labor unions, the state and national bar associations, and businesses, where interns will work at the interface of the organization and the political world.

Most of these internships are self-generated at the initiative of the student, while guidance and supervision is provided by the Political Science Department advisor.
Criteria include a specific job description of the internship in an approved organization, and approval must be granted by the Department and by the University for the off-campus program before a student begins the internship.
Advanced planning for an internship is necessary to establish the acceptance of the intern proposal and to fit it into other course scheduling. Internships may be carried out during the summer with appropriate planning.

A research project is required in association with the internship.
This generally takes the form of an in-depth research assignment related to the subject of the intern position, such as, the effects of government regulation, county planning for economic development, the use of media in political campaigning, constituency relations in a Congressional office.
The research project offers the opportunity to synthesize the insights of the work experience with academic literature related to a problem or aspect of the experience itself. The research project must be completed by the mid-point of the semester following the student's return to the Muskingum campus. Credit is then given, and a grade assigned, based on a combination of the evaluation of the quality of the intern's on-the-job activities and the quality of the research project.

To be eligible for an internship, a student must have junior or senior standing, must have completed at least six hours of study in the Political Science Department, with at least three hours at the 300 or 400 level in an area appropriate to the proposed internship, and must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA overall and a 3.0 GPA in the Political Science courses.

External Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

There are a wide variety of external internship opportunities.
Below are the most commonly pursued by political science majors.

Advisor: various (see Career Services or one of the faculty in political science)

American University Washington Semester Program

Advisor: Dr. Brian King, Department of Political Science

Muskingum University is one of some two hundred universitiess that have a partnership arrangement with American University's Washington Semester and World Capitols Semester programs.
These programs have an administration and faculty that are wholly involved and are not "shared" with other positions within American University.
There is a small campus devoted entirely to these programs, the Tenley Campus, in Washington, D.C., with administrative and faculty offices, classrooms, and dormitories. Students earn academic credit from American University, fully transferrable to Muskingum.

The Washington Semester, the largest and oldest of the programs, is designed to provide an on-site learning experience and view of the processes of American government far richer than can be gained in an ordinary academic environment.
There are a variety of programs within the Washington Semester that students may choose to enroll in: American Politics, Foreign Policy, Justice, Journalism, Economics, and over a dozen others. Important in each course are the frequent speakers and participants from the Washington environment, policy makers and practitioners in the particular subject area being studied.

Each student also holds an internship in a public or private organization in Washington, D.C., related to the subject of the program being taken.
The Washington Semester office aids students in being placed in accredited intern positions and supervises those positions. Muskingum students have held internships on Congressional committee staffs, in offices of members of Congress, in offices of interest groups, such as labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in government agencies, such as Housing & Urban Development, and in private organizations, including the National Broadcasting Corporation.
In addition to the experience gained in working within these organizations, the internships may and do provide future employment opportunities. [These internships are not given credit separately as Muskingum internships, either IDIS 301 or Political Science 390 or 395. These Washington Semester internships are an integral part of the Washington Semester program and credit is given within the block of credit hours assigned to that program.]

Also available, under the same American University Washington Semester direction, is the World Capitols program.
Over a dozen capitol cities in countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America are included. The programs consist of a block of courses concerning the chosen nation and region taught by program faculty from American University Washington Semester staff.
All courses are taught in English. Students are housed and taught in facilities leased by American University. As with the Washington Semester, academic credits earned through American University are fully transferrable to Muskingum.

Applications for these programs are completed in October and February for the following semester. Participation is limited to juniors and seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA overall.