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About the faculty

Below is a listing of the department's active and emeritus faculty.

Active Faculty, 2015-2016

Richard Arnold: Associate Professor [Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2009]

Dr. Arnold teaches comparative politics and international relations.  His areas of interest and expertise include the politics of Western and Eastern Europe (including Russia), Ethnic Conflict, Nationalism, Identity Politics and Qualitative Methods.  His doctoral dissertation explored the question of different forms of ethnic violence. Using contemporary Neo-Nazi violence in the Russian Federation as a test case, Dr. Arnold assessed explanations of why perpetrators use different modes of attacking ethnic minorities. He has published his work in the journals of Nationalities Papers and Problems of Post-Communism.  He hopes to return to Russia to conduct further work that will result in the publication of a book. He also teaches the Model United Nations course and will be leading students to the conference in New York every March.

Office: (740) 826-8108 Fax: (740) 826-8357

Click here for Dr. Arnold's webpage.

Walter R. Huber: Associate Professor [Ph.D., Miami University, 2000]

Dr. Huber is the Director for the University's Center for Regional Planning and Economic Development, and co-advisor (with Prof. Parker) for the Public Affairs Major and coordinator of the departmental internship program. Dr. Huber joined the Department in 1998 and served as Chair of the Department from 2002 to 2011. He offers introductory and upper-level courses in the areas of Public Administration, Urban Politics, State and Local government, and Parties and Elections. Both within and beyond his courses, Dr. Huber has worked to create a strong link between Muskingum students and the surrounding communities. The Center for Regional Planning and Economic Development uses an interdisciplinary approach to offer students opportunities to solve real-world problems and involves students and faculty from a wide variety of departments and disciplines.

Office: (740) 826-8343 Fax: (740) 826-8357 e-mail:

Brian R. King: Associate Professor and Chair [Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2005]

Dr. King is Chair of the Department of Political Science.  His academic areas of interest reside mainly in American politics, with a focus on political institutions such as the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. He also studies judicial politics, constitutional law, and American foreign policy. Apart from these American areas, he also studies international relations, with a focus on international crisis and crisis decision-making. Before arriving at Muskingum in 2000, Dr. King taught political science courses at the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus, and IUPU at Indianapolis. Dr. King coordinates the pre-law program, advises the American Studies program, manages the University's association with American University's Washington Semester program, and is advisor to various student organizations.

Office: (740) 826-8421 Fax: (740) 826-8357 e-mail: Website


Emeritus Members of the Department

J. Ransom Clark: Emeritus Professor of Political Science [J.D., George Mason University School of Law, 1990]

Dr. Clark previously served as Muskingum's Vice President for Administration, a position he assumed in 2001 after serving for three years as Muskingum's Vice President for Academic Affairs. While in the department, he taught in the areas of public policy, public administration, and state/local government. Dr. Clark joined the Muskingum faculty in 1990, having had extensive experience in public affairs, holding senior positions in Washington, D.C., and in United States Embassies abroad. His research interests focus on the national security policy area, particularly reform of intelligence and the other elements of U.S. national security in the post-Cold War era. He is a regular commentator on international political events on radio and television and in the newspapers.

e-mail: Website: "The Literature of Intelligence"

Robert L. Munkres: Professor Emeritus [Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1956]

Dr. Munkres' academic interests include international politics, political philosophy, and constitutional law. Since coming to Muskingum in 1960, he has published extensively in the areas of his major research interest -- American frontier history, with particular emphasis on the westward migration and the socio/political/cultural interaction between whites and Native Americans. He teaches an interdisciplinary course annually on The American Indians. Professor Munkres is still involved in pre-law advising at Muskingum University. He is a past president and decade-long member of the Board of Directors of the Midwest Association of PreLaw Advisors and regularly contributes to the association's professional publication. In addition, Dr. Munkres has also been a member of the editorial boards of several academic journals.