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December 2015

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Wonderland of Trees

Sept. 27, 2012

Filling Srynges 1 Filling Srynges 2Students

I just got back from getting my yearly flu shot and I just wanted to compliment you on the students in your program. Two of your students were in my first-year seminar three years ago. WM gave my shot while CB observed. JT tested my blood pressure after I got my shot. All three of these students with whom I interacted were very professional and showed caring concern for patients.

I have gotten flu shots for the past few years when they were offered at Muskingum. It’s really neat to see how the students grow and mature as they work through the program. They all exhibit confidence and care for patients and a genuine desire to help people.

To make a short story long, I am really incredibly impressed with your faculty, staff, and nursing students. I think that having nursing students administer flu shots each year is a great thing not only for the nursing students to be able to practice their skills but also for the Muskingum community to witness first-hand how much your students have learned and what great nurses they will be.

Kind regards,

Mrs.) Meri Linn McCollum. PDSO/RO
Director, International Admission and
Immigration Services Operations and
Coordinator of Study Abroad,
Lecturer in World Languages (ESL, TESL)

Muskingum University

March 21, 2012

The following message was sent to the senior Nursing student enrolled in Nursing Leadership & Management/Clinical (NURS 480) by one of the employees of Muskingum University.

"I just wanted to send this message out to the nursing department letting them know what a good job they are doing with their students."  I am the recipient of their training because I was in [Hospital] recently and my nurse happened to be XXXXXX aka XXXX aka Prince Harry."

Both my roommate and I found him to be a very caring, compassionate person with great nursing skills.  My roommate, who was a heart patient, said "he put my IV needle in and that was the best anyone has ever done!  And I should know because I have had open heart surgery and many stints and a hundred IVs!"

His sense of humor and friendlienss made my stay much more enjoyable and I just had to write this to brag on him!

Many thanks to XXXX  and the Muskingum Nursing Program.

April 17, 2011

The following message was sent to the junior Nursing students enrolled in Pediatric Nursing of the Child and Family (NURS 370) by one of the clinical instructors for the pediatric rotation completed at Nationwide Chilren's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your students during their pediatric rotation.  They are wonderful young adults and I think they will make successful nurses after graduation!  I received many compliments from the staff on 6 Tower about the students interaction with nurses, families and each other.  Teaching them brought back a lot of fond memories of nursing school for me.  I look forward to working with you in the future."

February 17, 2011

This message was sent in a card to the Clinical Instructor of the students enrolled in Parent/Newborn Nursing/Clinical (NURS 380) along with birth announcements for the students that helped assist with the delivery of their daughter.

"A big thank you to you and your team of 3 student nurses who helped me through the labor and delivery of my baby on February 17th. I truly appreciated their compassion, ability and enthusiasm throughout the day. They added to the excitement of the special day for my family. You are doing a great job training them and they will all be great nurses one day. Please pass along these birth announcements as a reminder to them of their first baby they helped deliver. Again, thank you so much!"

January 28, 2010

The following message was sent to the sophomore Nursing students enrolled in Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing (NURS 250) by one of their clinical instructors.

“I wanted to share with you that today I received compliments from 4 different staff members in different areas on how impressed they were with you. They each said they compared you with other nursing school groups we have had here at [hospital], and they notice a huge difference. You present yourself as mature young adults. You are very respectful, inquisitive, attentive, responsible, professional, social, etc. They also were impressed that you were writing things down, looking things up, not doing things without asking first, and that your uniforms looked nice and clean. They appreciated your infection control practices, especially the frequent hand washing! They see you as becoming excellent critical thinkers-something they do not see with our other nursing school groups. I did expect this higher standard of bachelor nursing students, and I cannot express how very proud I am of each of you! I knew we would be critiqued, and I cannot thank-you enough for representing Muskingum [University] so well.”