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Criminal Justice The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

RN-BSN Completion Track is a program in the Department of Nursing

Our Mission: The Department of Nursing reflects the mission of Muskingum University by providing quality nursing education which fosters critical thinking, positive action, ethical sensitivity and spiritual growth within the context of a caring community where individual fulfillment is encouraged and human dignity is respected. Liberally educated nursing graduates are able to integrate knowledge, skills and values from the arts and sciences to provide safe quality nursing care, to act as advocates for families, groups and communities and to manage twenty-first centrury changes in the health care system.

If you are a RN with a desire to improve your qualifications, the RN-to-BSN program is the answer. Click to apply for admission.

RNs must have completed an accredited ADN or diploma nursing program and hold an Ohio active unrestricted nursing license. (Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 required).

Nursing Courses (23 credit hours)

NURS 330 Transitions In Professional Practice (3)
NURS 335 Health Assessment (3)
NURS 340 Nursing Research (3)
NURS 430 Perspectives in Global Nursing and Health (3)
NURS 460 Community Health Nursing (4) Course Fee $105
NURS 470 Contemporary Issues in Nursing and Healthcare (3)
NURS 480 Nursing Leadership/Management (4) Course Fee $105

Non-nursing Courses Required for the Major (18 credit hours)

BIOL 305 Human Genetics (3)
BIOL 346 Pathophysiology (3)
PHIL 305 Biomedical Ethics (3)
PSYC 232 Behavioral Statistics (3) or HSLC 304 Statistics for the Health Sciences
PSYC 309 Adulthood and Aging (3) (NOT required if a college course in Lifespan Development has been successfully completed.)
SOCI 345 Sociology of the Family (3)

*This is intended as a sample showing how courses transfer into the RN/BSN program. Evaluation of each student’s transfer credit is completed on an individual basis.

All students enrolled in nursing will be held to the policies and procedures contained in the Nursing Department BSN Student Handbook as well as the University's student related policies and procedures. The BSN Student Handbook contains additional policies and procedures required of these professional students. The Nursing Department’s purpose, mission, philosophy, organizational framework, and curriculum outcomes are the same for each Nursing Program and are located on the home page for the Department.



Audit Worksheet for RN-BSN Degree


Contact Information

Clinical Course Sequence Paperwork Requirements

Practice Requirements:      

Participation in clinical experience is NOT permitted until all clincial requirements (CPR, health requirements and immunizatins, drug testing, and BCI&I clearance) are met.  All paperwork must be submitted no later than 10 days (two weeks) before your theory/clinical course begins.



Appendix J. Drug Testing Student Certification, Release and Authorization Form (BSN Student Handbook pg. 80)                 and Appendix I. Declaration of Legal Use of Prescribed Medication Form (BSN Student Handbook pg. 79)

Before going to the screening facilities, Students must contact the Nursing Department. 

Drug Screening - Cambridge Area Current Screening Center (click here)

                             Zanesville Area Current Screening Center  (click here)

                             Licking County Current Screening Center (click here)

          Drug Testing Policy taken directly from the BSN Student Handbook (pages 54-57)ck here)

Please contact the Nursing Department before attaining your Drug screening, additional paperwork must be submitted for verification purposes. For further information regarding Drug screening please call 740-826-6160 or email


Appendix K. Department of Nursing Health Assessment must be completed appropriately and submitted.  Please print a copy of the Assessment and provide to your healthcare provider. A "qualified" RN is any advanced practice RN who meets this definition by the Ohio Board of Nursing as an advanced practice nurse. These are typically nurse practitioners, CNSs, and CRNAs

The policy on health assessment is published in the BSN Student Handbook, pp 58. It explains the immunization requirments. Please advocate for yourself by knowing these requirements before you see your healthcare provider. You may need titers drawn or immunizations updated based on this policy.


CPR - Complete the American Heart Association CPR Basic Life Support Course for Health Care Providers (BLS-C).  Certification is valid for two years and recertification is requred prior to expiration.  This course includes two-person, adult, and infant and child as well as use of Automated Emergency Defibrillators (AED). (American Red Cross CPR classes are NOT accepted for this requirment.) (See BSN Student Handbook page 54)

A copy of your current CPR certification card will need to be submitted

4. BCI/FBI Background Check (Please note the official report needs to be addressed to: Dr. Cynthia Wilkins, Director of Nursing Muskingum University) For more information, Please refer to page 57 of the BSN Student Handbook.

Name/Photo ID Badges need to be worn at all times during clinical experiences.  These are a specialty item provided by the MU Department of Nursing at the beginning of the clincial course. 

"Students must provide a valid picture of themselves on a plain background for the purpose of making a Muskingum University identification badge. The picture may be dropped off or mailed to Jennifer McCarty in the Nursing Department office in room # 416 Boyd Science Center at Muskingum University. If you are unable to deliver the  picture in person, you can mail to the Nursing Department along with a copy of your drivers' license. The picture on your drivers' license will be used to provide proper ID verification.  Please "black out" any information on the copy of your drivers' license that you would prefer we not receive." Please contact the nursing department to make arrangements for your photo badge or if you have any questions at (740-826-6160) or email

  All paperwork must be completed and mailed to:


Attn:     Nursing Department

               Muskingum University
               163 Stormont St.
               New Concord, OH 43762
  Secure Fax Number: 740-826-6161
  The above forms and accompanying policies are located in the BSN Student Handbook.