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Geology Department The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Examples of laboratories in the Geology Department


Rock processing lab, also called the Thin Section Lab. Solid geologic material is cut, crusched, or pulverized in this room. A separate smaller room on the side has a prescision cutter and grinder to make mineral and rock thin sections.



In this mineralogy and petrology lab, hand specimen and thin section of mineral and rock are examined under microscopic scale. There are sufficient binocular microscopes and polarized microscopes for every student to use. Mineral and rock images can be taken by digital cameras and processed by computer. Cabinets in this room store more than 1500 pieces of mineral and rock samples.



This lab is used for further cleaning and necessary chemical treatment to mineral and rock samples. It is also used for preliminary sample treatment in environmental science study. Cabinets in this room provide storage space for processed samples.



There are two computer rooms on the second floor of the Science Building. They are excellent computer labs and updated e-learning classrooms. Each room has 24 updated network computers. Digital projector and Smart Board are standard equipment.



This is one of the general laboratory for lower level geology classes. Separate sets of mineral, rock and fossil samples are kept in this room. Large table surface is convenient for doing map exercises. A separate but attached room is used for the storage of 2,000+ pieces of fossil samples.