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Research and Internships

Internship Opportunities

Muskingum University is located in a hilly unglaciated portion of east-central Ohio and offers a variety of unique field opportunities for students majoring in environmental science. Most notably, The Wilds, a 9,154-acre wildlife preserve near Cumberland, Ohio (about 18 miles south of New Concord) is receiving international attention for its cur-rent and future role in the captive breeding of endangered species.

The Wilds is situated on reclaimed stripmined land donated by American Electric Power and the Ohio Power Company, and we anticipate that it will provide an array of research and internship opportunities for environmental science majors with an emphasis in biology, chemistry or geology. The Wilds is currently home to a few species of captive African ungulates including Przewalski horses and zebras, as well as the endangered North American red wolf.

The McAllister Biology Station, owned by Muskingum University, is a 57-acre farm located near Otsego, Ohio. The station, which is located on reclaimed coal land, provides a diversified outdoor laboratory for chemical, ecological and geological studies. Currently Muskingum University is working closely with Zane State College in Zanesville, Ohio, to facilitate the transfer of course credits and to enhance opportunities for cooperative intern-ships between the two institutions. We anticipate that students majoring in environmental science will have the opportunity to work with students and professors at Zane State College in specialized areas of environmental science.