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The Muscoljuan

The Muscoljuan is the college yearbook. It is one of the oldest continuously published college annuals in the country, and recently published its 100th year edition. When it started, 1906, the juniors created the yearbook, so it was named Muscoljuan, which is an acronym for Mus/kingum Col/lege Ju/nior An/nual. Of course, now Muskingum is officially a University, but the yearbook's name remains the same.

If you are interested in working on the yearbook, contact Professor Meghan Wynne. There are paid staff positions, or if you would like, you can earn academic credit for working on the yearbook. English 213 Design Practicum Muscoljuan is a course that gives you one hour of credit for helping with designing the pages, and English 217 Writing Practicum Muscoljuan is a course that gives you one hour of credit for writing for the yearbook. Each of these classes can be taken up to three times.

Many universities no longer have yearbooks, but at Muskingum the students are close-knit enough to want a book that captures all the friends and good times they shared in college.