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About the Department

The English Department is dedicated to providing our students with the tools they need to engage in the critical process and to explore literature and their own creativity.  Our core offers a solid foundation in literature and literary theory, and our elective offerings allow students to shape the major as they wish, whether it be concentrating on the field of writing or delving into American, British, and Anglophone literature.  The study of English broadens the mind and fosters intellectual curiosity. 

Students with English majors go into a number of careers.  Besides graduate study and secondary teaching, a number of our graduates have gone into advertising, public relations, journalism, library science, law, business, government, and industry.

Our goals are as follows:

    • Students will demonstrate the ability to write clearly and effectively in critical and/or creative modes.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically about literature, language, and culture.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize canonical authors and works in their historical contexts, including an understanding of literary techniques, formal devices, and genres.