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Special Education (Intervention Specialist)

This is a multi-age licensure program option begun while completing either early or middle childhood education majors at the undergraduate level and finished at the graduate level during one post-baccalaureate semester.

Our Special Education program will prepare you to be a competent, compassionate, collaborative intervention specialist; one who will confidently connect with all students.


What is Special Education?


What does our Program feature?


Additional Thoughts from our students


What our students are saying:


"I feel that muskingum offers a wonderful special ecucation program. Each professor will work carefully with every student on order to ensure a successful outcome. Upon completion of your education, you will feel a sense of prode and overwhelming confidence knowing that you are capable and prepared to handle every apect of the world of special education."

Hugh Frost, Class of 2005


"The special education program at Muskingum University has prepared me for the world of teaching. I know instructional techniques that work for students with special needs, I know special education laws, I know how to write IEP's and I have an understanding of parents of children with a disability and how to communicate with them. I am confident that I will be a great teacher!"

Taisha Kaspar, Class of 2010


"I was driven towards special education as a major through experiences I had during my high school years. I spent quite a few hours in the middle school and high school tutoring students with special needs. These experiences made it clear to me what I wanted to do professionally."

Preston Elmore, Class of 2011

For additional information email Dr. Rae White

                                     or Jacqueline Kaser

Course Requirements Checklist (PDF)