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Research and Internships

The Department of Chemistry maintains an active research program involving both students and faculty. Courses such as CHEM 295, CHEM 454 and CHEM 455 give students an opportunity to engage in original scientific research as part of their curriculum. The department has a wide range of scientific equipment and instrumentation which is regularly utilized by students in carrying out their research efforts.

Chemistry students are encouraged and supported in pursuing summer research internship opportunities. Numerous recent students have been recipients of summer fellowships that provided financial support and housing to carry out original research in laboratories at several prominent academic institutions. In addition to these external summer internship opportunities, Muskingum University sponsors the Muskie Summer Fellows Program. This program enables Muskingum students to work one-on-one with a faculty member to develop a research project that is carried out during the summer months. Student participants in this program recieve free hyousing on campus and a stipend. A list of recently honored students and the institutions where their summer research was carried out is included below.

Summer Internships of Current and Recent Chemistry Majors

  • 2001, Olivia Ramirez, Texas A& M University Department of Chemistry
  • 2002, Sayuri Matsura, Baylor University of Medicine, Texas Children's Cancer Center
  • 2002, Ashlee Baker, The University of Cincinnati, Department of Biochemistry
  • 2002, Dave Graham, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Chemistry
  • 2002, Natalie Rader, Muskingum University, Department of Chemistry (Muskie Summer Fellows Program)
  • 2002, Andy Chema, Muskingum University, Department of Chemistry (Muskie Summer Fellows Program)
  • 2003, Nicole Dickson, The University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry
  • 2003, Sarah McBeth, The University of Arizona, Department of Molecular Biology
  • 2003, Heather Nees, Muskingum University, Department of Chemistry (Muskie Summer Fellows Program)
  • 2003, Nik Singh, Muskingum University, Department of Chemistry (Muskie Summer Fellows Program)
  • 2004, Heather Nees, Grice Marine Lab, University of Charleston
  • 2005, Heather Nees, Virgina Institute of Marine Science, University of William and Mary
  • 2005, Erica Booth, Ohio State University, University of Dentistry
  • 2005, Jared Molden, Muskingum University, Department of Chemistry (Muskie Summer Fellows Program)
  • 2006, Anna Belyaevskaya, The University of Akron, Department of Chemistry
  • 2007, Mai Dang, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Molecular Biology
  • 2007, Craig Miller, Wadsworth Center of the New York State Health Department
  • 2009, Katie Stewart, Pine Research Instrumentation, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 2010, Seth Barrett, National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates, The University of Akron
  • 2010, Joe Castle, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
  • 2011, Ashley Fox, National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates, Kent State University
  • 2011, Jayme Workinger, Magee-Womens Research Institute
  • 2011, Joe Castle, Resource Systems Inc.
  • 2011, Joe Castle, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
  • 2013, Sophia Liva, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • 2013, Kunya Zheng, North Dakota State University, Dept of Polymeric Materials
  • 2013, Emily Bay, Akron Children's Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 2015, Kim Holmes, The Ohio State University Center for Emergent Materials
  • 2015, Kelli Stack, University of Pennsylvania in the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter