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About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Muskingum University. The instructional program is certified by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. The department offers the Bachelor's of Science Degree in chemistry. Starting in fall 2007, two new interdisciplinary tracks, pre-pharmacy and forensic chemistry, will be available within this Bachelors degree. The department also supports the Muskingum University interdisciplinary programs in molecular biology, environmental science, and neuroscience.

Use the links below and on the left hand side of this page to learn more about our department. Please contact the department chair if you have anyquestions or would like to arrange a tour of the department facilities.

The Chemistry Department Mission Statement

The chemistry department is committed to excellence in the education of students in the field of chemistry and providing them with an opportunity to gain an appreciation and enthusiasm for the field.  This is accomplished by introducing them to the language and methods of chemistry, developing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, exposing them to the appropriate lab experiences and chemical instrumentation and training them to appreciate and understand the connection between chemistry and real-world situations.


What can a Muskingum University education in chemistry do for you?

Boyd Science Center

The Chemistry Department is housed on the third floor of the Boyd Science Center (pictured above).

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