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Faculty and Staff

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Scholarly Interest
Educational Background

Seth Barrett

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Physcial Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry


B.S., Muskingum University

Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Giovanna Grandinetti

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


B.S., Walsh University

Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Deepa Perera

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Pre-Pharmacy Track Advisor

Pre-Health Track Advisor


Organic Chemistry



Molecular Biology

B.S., University of Sri Lanka

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Paul Szalay

Professor of Chemistry

Science Division Chair

Forensic Chemistry Track Advisor

Inorganic Chemistry


Forensic Chemistry

Science Outreach

B.S., Baldwin Wallace University

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Lois Zook-Gerdau

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chemistry Department Chair

Director, Environmental Science Program

Analytical Chemistry


Environmental Chemistry

B.A., Hiram University

Ph.D., University of Iowa


Staff Contact Information

John Sprouse

Laboratory Manager


163 Stormont St.

Muskingum University

New Concord, OH 43762


Phone: (740) 826-8235

Fax: (740) 826-8229


Diane Newsom



163 Stormont St.

Muskingum University

New Concord, OH 43762


Phone: (740) 826-8220

Fax: (740) 826-8229