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What should I include in my resume?

There are no hard and fast rules for resume preparation other than they must be pleasing to the eye and error free. The objective is to present your background and credentials in their most favorable light. Make your resume work for your! For more information on writing a resume, contact Jackie Vascura or Joy Morton in the Career Development Office, x8084.


Identification—includes name, address, telephone and email address if you use it.

Job objective or career goal—specify the kind of job or field of work you want. This is one of the most important sections as it identifies the position you are seeking. Be brief and concise.

Education—College: major and minor subjects, degree and date received, grade point if 3.0 or better, scholarships or honors, percentage of college expenses earned, related courses when appropriate, senior seminar, etc.  High School: (optional) include distinguished offices held, activities, honors.

Experience—List jobs in reverse chronological order, the most recent first. Include voluntary work, work study, internships, etc., if they appear relevant to your job objective. Include:   position title, employer, dates of employment, responsibilities, student teaching experience, military experience (if applicable).

Honors and activities—(optional) This section does not have to include every activity you have ever been involved in. Be selective, stressing leadership or career related activities.

Background or Miscellaneous Section—(optional) Include miscellaneous information such as language ability, special skills, professional affiliations or certificates, hobbies, civic organizations, etc.

References—This can be handled with the simple statement, “Available upon request from the Office of Career Services, Muskingum University, New Concord, OH 43762, (740) 826-8084,” if you have established a credential file.


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