Title IX Reporting

On campus, different people have different reporting responsibilities and different abilities to maintain confidentiality, depending on their roles at the University and upon University policy. Some resources can offer you confidentiality, sharing options and advice without any obligation to tell anyone unless you want them to. Other resources are expressly there for you to report crimes and policy violations and they will take action when you report your victimization to them. Most resources on campus fall in the middle of these two extremes. Neither the University nor the law requires them to divulge private information that is shared with them except in certain circumstances, some of which are described below. A victim may seek assistance from these University officials without starting a formal process that is beyond the victim’s control, or violates her/his privacy.

To Report Confidentially:

If one desires that details of the incident be kept confidential, they should speak with on-campus mental health counselors from Counseling Services, campus health providers at the Wellness Center, the University Chaplain, or off-campus rape crisis resources who can maintain confidentiality. Campus Counselors are available to help you free of charge, and can be seen on an emergency basis.

To Report Online:

If you want to submit a written report, please do so using the Conduct Reporting Form. When completing the form, please mark that the nature of the report is "Concerning of threatening behavior." You should also include as much information as possible when submitting this report. The Title IX Coordinator will follow-up with all submitted reports.

Who to Contact:

You are encouraged to speak to officials of the institution to make formal reports of incidents, including Student Life staff, Human Resources, coaches, student organization advisors, and other University officials. The University considers these people to be "responsible employees." Notice to them is official notice to the institution. You have the right and can expect to have incidents of sexual misconduct to be taken seriously by the institution when formally reported, and to have those incidents investigated and properly resolved through administrative procedures. Formal reporting means that only people who need to know will be told, and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, witnesses, and the accused individual. For your convenience, the following individuals have been identified as primary reporting options:

Amber Farley
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Conduct
Telephone: (740) 826-8087
Email: azifzal@muskingum.edu

Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
1350 Euclid Avenue
Suite 325
Cleveland, OH 44115
Telephone: (216) 522-4970 
Facsimile: (216) 522-2573
Email: OCR.Cleveland@ed.gov

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