Muskingum University is a true residential community, where more than 90 percent of students live on campus or in the village of New Concord. So where will you live?

Muskingum’s living options range from traditional residence halls, sorority, fraternity and social club houses to special program houses, and townhouses.

On the East and West campus hills you’ll find housing with newly furnished lounges, computer labs, kitchen and laundry facilities. Each of our six traditional residence halls has a personality of its own- with the layouts, furniture, and building style differing from the next. All of our traditional halls are outfitted with Proximity Access Card readers, permitting only the residents assignedto the building to access them with their student ID cards (implemented in Fall 2013).
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After your first year, you may want to consider living in some of our alternative housing options. Located on Lakeside Drive on the east side of campus, students can apply to live with friends in our Lakeside duplexes, or programmatic houses (i.e. German, French, Spanish, International, Greek, etc). Located near the softball field on the west side of campus, students can apply to live in our Townhouses, a very independent living option. These alternative housing options are not outfitted with the Proximity Access Card reading system currently.
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Regardless of where you live, you’ll find residential life at Muskingum is more than just a place to live. All of our facilities provide the chance to belong to a community within the larger campus. You’ll quickly feel right at home – and if you’re looking for someone to share a late night pizza, compare notes, or take an early morning jog around the track, you won’t have to go far!



Start thinking about where you want to live next year & who you want to live with next year – and mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 8 at 4pm in John Glenn Gym for MU’s 2014-2015 ROOM DRAW!  Click here for the full brochure: RoomDraw14.pub


New for Room Draw/Fall 2014 -- Finney 1st floor will house the
 new “World Languages Living Learning Community!” 
(Students previously interested in living in the German, French, Spanish and/or International Houses will transition to this new space and the Lakeside Houses are being repurposed into other housing options for upperclass students.)

Rooms will be single gender, but the floor will be co-ed. 
*You must have an interest or connection to the academic departments to live on this floor.

Interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity to immerse your living experience in different cultures and programming?  Contact: 
Dr. Morris for French (jmorris@muskingum.edu )
Dr. Wehage for German (wehage@muskingum.edu )
Dr. Alzate and/or Dr. Butler for Spanish (salzate@muskingum.edu or bbutler@muskingum.edu )
Valerie Smith for International (vsmith@muskingum.edu )


Also – Finney Hall will be Air Conditioned this summer, but that then designates the building as unavailable for squatting processes (i.e. current Finney residents will not be permitted to squat their rooms prior to Room Draw).  In addition, all floors of Finney Hall will be co-ed by floor for the 2014-2015 academic year!


NEW HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE ON LAKESIDE!!!!!... since the Language Houses are transitioning to their own Living Learning Community in Finney Hall, Lakeside 127 (3 double rooms and 2 single rooms) and Lakeside 133 (2 double rooms and 2 single rooms) will be made available in the Lakeside Draw Process.  If your group is interested in either of these spaces, please make sure you note that on the back of your application form and have the additional names added in the event you are lucky enough to select one of those options!


TOWNHOUSE/LAKESIDE APPLICATIONS… are available in the Student Life office from February 24 – March 21; TNH/LS Selection will be Monday, March 24 at 5pm in the TOC.  All groups will be emailed prior to the selection date of their confirmed/denied eligibility. 
Click here for the form:}TNHLS App.docx


PERMISSION TO LIVE OFF CAMPUS FORMS… are available in the Student Life Office fromFebruary 24  March 21.  Forms must be completed in their entirety before being submitted and approved (must include off campus address).  Please remember to speak with representatives in Student Financial Services to address all financial responsibility and changes before submitting your request.

Click here for the form:OffCampusForm2014.docx


Questions about Room Draw or Housing Options??

Contact: Andi Kelley

Director of Residence Life

Muskingum University



TOC 218



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