Break Information & Hours

Fall 2013

Room Preview: August 2nd, 10 am – 2 pm

Classes Begin: August 26th

Labor Day: Classes as Usual – September 2nd

Fall Break: No classes, October 7th and 8th

Homecoming:  October 11th  and 12th   

Thanksgiving Break: November 27th  – 29th
(Halls close Tues., Nov. 26th at 6 pm – Halls open Sun, Dec. 1st at Noon)

Finals: December 9th -13th

Semester Break: Halls Close – December 13th, 6:00 p.m.

Spring 2014

Halls Open: January 12th , Noon

Classes Begin: January 13th  
Martin Luther King Day: No Classes, Monday, January 21st   
Spring Break: March 10th  - 14th
(Halls close, Fri. Mar. 7th at 6 pm – Halls open , Sun. Mar. 17th at Noon)
Easter Holiday break: No classes, April 17th - 18th
Finals: May 2nd- May 8th (exc. Sat & Sun., May 3rd & 4th)
Halls close: Thursday, May 8th, 6:00p.m. (for underclass students)
Halls close: Saturday, May 10th, 6:00p.m.(for graduating seniors and approved stays)

Halls include fraternity houses, Lakeside houses, townhouses, etc.

Fall Arrival Information

Date Time Who Where
August 22
9 am - 2 pm First Year Students Front Desks*
August 23
9 am - 8 pm Upper Class Students Front Desks*
August 24
9 am - 8 pm Upper Class Students Front Desks*

*Students living in Patton Hall will pick up keys at Kelley Hall. *Students living in Lakeside Houses will pick up keys at Finney Hall. *Students living in West Main St. apartments (Subway) will pick up keys at Memorial/Moore Hall. *Students living in Circle 240, Stadium Heights, and Townhouses will pick up keys at Thomas Hall.

Early Arrival Information

The following are a list of times that students approved for early arrivals can return to campus. Please be sure to remember that only approved students may return early.

Date Time Who Where/Contact
August 9
TBD by Coach Football Team TBD/Coach Logan
August 11
8 am – 5 pm Head RA’s Student Life Office
August 12
8 am – 5 pm New RA’s Student Life Office
August 13
8 am – 5 pm Returning RA's Student Life Office
August 14
TBD by Coach Men’s Soccer Rec Center/Coach Reilly
August 14
TBD by Coach Volleyball Rec Center/Coach Zicha
August 17
TBD by Coach Women’s Soccer Rec Center/Coach Caudill
August 17
TBD by Coach Cross Country Rec Center/Coach Gleason

August 20

8 am – 5 pm First Year Seminar Mentors TBD / Emily Smith (VPAA)

August 21

8 am – 5 pm Move-In Crew
*only those who applied and were approved
Student Life Office

Other Announcements

All break deadlines that require students to leave the residential facilities (Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, Winter Break and End of Year) are final. Requests to stay late or on campus for the duration of a break must be submitted via the appropriate OrgSync form and must receive a confirmed approval email. Note that all requests are not approved. Students found in violation of these policies may be subject to improper checkout fees and immediate removal from campus housing.


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