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The Chat-Back Club

The Chat-Back Club provides a forum for University students to share experiences, to socialize and to educate others about learning differences.

Chat-Back is a social and educational group whose goals are to:

  1. Focus on the strengths of individuals with learning disabilities rather than their areas of challenge.
  2. Encourage cooperative interaction among community members and valuing the contribution of each member.
  3. Identify and define different learning disabilities for use in understanding the different ways students learn.
  4. Distinguish sterotypical beliefs from truths regarding learning differences.
  5. Help to promote the use of assistive technology to support self-management of one's own learning.

All Muskingum University students are invited and encouraged to become members of the club. Since the initial meeting in 1995, the Chat-Back Club has grown, participating in multiple on-campus activities and organizing at least one campus-wide activity per semester. Monthly meetings between Chat-Back Club members and CAL staff coordinators are held each month to discuss club status and plan upcoming events.

On-Going Activities of the Chat-Back Club Members:

  • Act as campus tour guides and telephone ambassadors for prospective PLUS/Muskingum University students
  • Host overnight stays for prospective students
  • Attend University Fairs to represent the University student perspective
  • Assist with Friday Fresman Days (perspective students campus visitations)
  • Assist with Muskie Preview Days (Summer orientation program)
  • Assist with Muskingum University Parents Weekend
  • Assist with the First Step Program as student mentors and then as potential officers for Chat-Back
  • Host professional speakers focusing on issues related to learning differences
  • Invite PLUS alumni to speak on issues related to learning differences, such as transition to the workforce
  • Host a variety of social activities and represent Chat-Back in activities
  • Contribute to the CAL publication of the Centerline newsletter
  • Talk with students with learning disabilities (grades 1 - 12) regarding their future opportunites for University
  • Host an open forum for local students with learning disabilities and their parents at Muskingum University
  • Assist in the education of the University community about learning differences
  • Be a part of the University's Activities Fair each fall semester

Students are encouraged to participate in Chat-Back meetings and activities. To become a Chat-Back member, or to obtain additional information about the club and upcoming events, contact Melissa Choate at


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