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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Accounts

When can I get a refund?
If you have a credit balance on your account after the payment of all university charges, you can request a refund or to have a portion of the credit transferred to Muskie Bucks. This cannot be done before the end of the Add/Drop period. Refund Request forms are available in the Business Office or may be downloaded here. The form must be signed and returned to the Business Office to process the refund. We cannot honor requests by phone.

Can I use my financial aid or loans to buy books?
If you have financial aid in excess of your Muskingum charges, we can transfer funds to your Muskie Bucks for use in the bookstore. We can do this transfer at the start of school. To make the transfer, we need a Transfer Request form, which must be signed and returned to the Business Office. You can fax the form to 740-826-8196.

Why isn't my Direct, PLUS or Alternative Loan reflected on my bill?
Most Stafford and PLUS loans and some Alternative Loans to now show as pending aid on your statement. Funds are disbursed at or near the start of the term. If your loans are not shown, it may be that some required documentation has not been completed. It is important that you complete all documentation with Financial Aid. Failure to do this timely will delay funding and may result in late fees.

Alternative loans that are not processed through our Financial Aid Office may not appear as pending aid on your statement. These will be subtracted from your balance when the funds are received by the University. All late payment processing fees and consequences may still apply until the funds are received. It is important to apply for any loans early enough to allow for processing and disbursement of your loan (at least 2 weeks when applying online, more for mail-in applications).

What happens if I don't pay my bill on time?
Accounts not paid within the payment schedule are subject to a monthly late payment process fee and may be assessed other charges. Refer to the Student Billing Information page for more information.

Students whose accounts are delinquent will not be permitted to register for their courses, receive transcripts of their records, or participate in graduation.  A student who wishes to transfer credits to another institution must pay in full all indebtedness to Muskingum University before a transcript will be released.

Students whose accounts are delinquent after payment dates will be informed that their course registration and housing could be withdrawn for the upcoming semester.  Students whose accounts are brought current after these dates prior to registration day will be permitted to re-register for courses.  There is no guarantee that there will be space available in the classes or residence halls that were originally requested.

Why isn't there an insurance charge on my bill?
Beginning in 2013, changes to health insurance from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) made the cost of the insurance program previously offered to full-time undergraduates prohibitively expensive, so the University has ceased this program.

Many students will be able to obtain coverage on their parents insurance through the age of 26. Students can also purchase insurance independently from many insurance agents. Certain independent students and familes with lower income may qualify for Ohio Medicaid.

The University still offers an insurance plan to its international students. The international plan complies with INS requirements. All international students are required to purchase the insurance. Information about the program and instructions on completing the waiver are available on the Student Health Insurance page.

Form 1098-T
These forms are available on MuskieLink from the Students menu. To access the form, you must first agree to the consent statement (in the link directly above the 1098-T link). You can later change this decision if you like. We will mail a hard copy of the form during the last week of January to all those who have not given consent for the electronic copy. If you have any questions, you can reach the Business Office at

Using a Form 1098-T for your taxes is complicated. We have an article to help but you should always consult your tax advisor and can refer to the IRS publication.

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Student Payroll

How does Payroll work? How do I get paid?
The University uses a third party to disburse both student refunds and student payroll . Time worked is entered online. A new and improved refund process is coming soon! Signup will begin in late July with payments under the new process in August. Check the Business Office page for updates and watch your email. The PNC program process will end June 30. Card balances will still be subject to terms on the card. The PNC ATM on campus (in the Steele Center) will continue to allow fee free withdrawals and will be part of the network of the new program.

When do I have to have my time entered?
By the 2nd day of each month (for the preceding month). Time is entered through screens in Muskie Link. Information on how to enter time can be found in our online tutorials.

What is a Work Authorization form and why is it required?
The Work Authorization form documents the processes required by law and for our internal budgeting/approval process. Once a student finds employment on campus, they must complete this form before they can be paid. To complete the form go to the Financial Aid Office:

  • With either a University ID or a Drivers License
  • AND either a Passport, Social Security card or birth certificate
  • Complete a form I-9 (available in the Financial Aid Office)
  • The student then takes the Work Authorization form to their supervisor for completion. It is the student's responsibility to see that the form is returned to the Financial Aid Office.

When do I get paid?
Those students enrolled in Muskie Pay will have their funds disbursed on the 7th of each month (adjusted for weekends and holidays). Funds are available immediately on the Muskie Pay Card and within 1-3 days via Direct Deposit/ACH (depending on your bank's processing). Students not enrolled receive a check via the mail. Checks are mailed to the student's mailbox on campus and usually arrive within the following two weeks.

How do I get my W2?
W2 forms are now available on MuskieLink in the Employees Menu. To get to the form, you must first consent to receive the form electronically (using the link directly above the W2 link). You can later change this decision if you like. We will also mail a hard copy of the W2 during the last week of January to the permanent address on file for those who not given consent for the electronic copy. If you have questions, you can always email

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Other Questions

Can I cash a check in the Business Office? How much?
The Business Office will cash checks up to $25.00.

When can I pick up my reimbursement or refund check?
Reimbursement and refund checks are cut on Fridays and available for pickup after 2:00 p.m.

When do you open/how late are you open?
The Business Office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a box outside of the business office to submit items after business hours.

Where do I pay my phone bill, tuition, fines or other money owed to the University?
You can now pay your account online by clicking here or through the Account Summary page of Muskie Link. You can also make your payment through the mail or in the Business Office. For your convenience, we accept payment by check, MasterCard®, Visa®, or Discover®. If you have questions, please call us at (740) 826-8111. Please refer to the Student Accounts page, for more information about payments.

Can I add to my printing account online?
Only student account payments can be made online. Deposits to your printing account must be made through the Business Office. All other forms of payment are accepted. Please call (740) 826-8111 if you have questions.

Where can I buy or find out how much money I have left in Muskie Bucks?
You can deposit money on Muskie Bucks two ways. You can directly purchase Muskie Bucks at the Campus Services office (740-826-8147) or through an account transfer. Account transfers require a credit balance. Transfers against financial aid may be available for book purchases through arrangement with the Business Office (740-826-8118).

You should receive your remaining balance each time you use your Muskie Bucks, whether in the Bookstore, or any Food Service location. You can also contact Food Service at (740) 826-8147.

Are credit/debit cards accepted on campus?
MasterCard and Visa are accepted at all food service locations, the bookstore and the Business Office. Some locations can also accept Discover and American Express.

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