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Student Payroll Process

The University has worked to make the student payroll process easy and convienent. Submit your time and get fast access to your money from almost anywhere. More information, including overviews and tutorials are below.

Signed up for the card yet? You can enroll at

Introductions - Get paid fast – the student payroll process!Sallie Mae Pay Card image
There is an online information presentation on the student payroll process. This is an overview of the process for those who haven't worked on campus before. It discusses how to get a job (approved), how to enter the hours worked, and most importantly, how to get paid - fast. The pay card allows for faster payment that can be accessed at an ATM, through a deposit transfer, or spent through a MasterCard debit card. Watch the meeting to find out how it all works and enroll in time for the first payroll. Other information is in the tutorial presentations.

Online information & tutorials

Important links and information

  • Enrollment and account transfers at
  • ATM locator*
  • Online - When shopping online, please remember that the billing address for the debit card is the student mailroom address: 199 Stormont St, New Concord, OH 43762.
  • Other
    • Gas stations - Pay inside. Pay at the pump is disabled on the debit cards. The card will work for gas, but must be presented at the counter.

What is the Payroll Process?

The payroll process works as follows:

  1. Find a job and get work authorization completed. The Work Authorization form documents the processes required by law and for our internal budgeting/approval process. Once a student finds employment on campus, they must complete this form before they can be paid. To complete the form go to the Financial Aid Office:
    • With either a University ID or a Drivers License
    • AND either a Passport, Social Security card or birth certificate
    • Complete a form I-9 (available in the Financial Aid Office)
    • The student then takes the Work Authorization form to their supervisor for completion. It is the student's responsibility to see that the form is returned to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Time entry and approval through Muskie Link
    You are able to enter time anywhere and anytime - through the same link you use to register for classes and check your grades. Tutorial on time entry here (time entry begins at slide 5).
  3. Payment electronically
    Fast, flexible access to your funds through:
    • immediate web access - will allow you to deposit the funds to your own bank account (tutorial),
    • ATM access nationwide*
    • Debit card access anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Why do we do it this way?

This program is similar to programs at other schools, allowing us an opportunity to make student payroll:

  • Fast - The changes should allow us to reduce the time to process payroll by 3 to 5 days. Access to your funds will be immediate through the web, ATM or Debit card access. You'll know when funds are available by email or SMS text** sent right to your phone.
  • Easy - Access to the time entry and funds transfer is available from any internet connection.
  • Flexible - You can input your time whenever and wherever you want*** through Muskie Link. The Debit Card, ATM and web access provide you with more choices for how and when to access your funds.
  • Better - In this process:
    • Supervisors know when time is submitted and you will know that they have approved it by email notification
    • Payroll knows who has time to be approved and can assist in "nudging" supervisors to get it approved
    • You will know whether a work authorization is still needed when you first enter your time (your job will not appear on MuskieLink until you complete the work authorization for that job)
  • Green - Paper and cost used for time cards and paychecks are largely eliminated

How does this work? (FAQ)

More information on training and the implementation is available at the links above and at rollout meetings. Some quick answers to questions you may have:

  • How do students enter their time?
    Time is entered through Muskie Link. An "Employee" menu includes the link for time entry and a link to see your pay advice (stub) and past pay stubs online.
  • How do supervisors approve the time?
    Supervisors receive an email when a student submits their time as "final". Supervisors then review and approve the time through a separate link in the "Employee" menu on Muskie Link. Students should receive an email when the supervisor has approved the time that will include any questions or changes that the supervisor made.
  • Will we get training on this process?
    We will have training at the information meetings and online. We also have detailed information for both students and supervisors in the presentations above.
  • How do I sign up for the electronic account/debit card?
    Students will receive an email in their Muskingum email account to enroll for the debit card or go to You can also view the tutorial above or attend an information meeting to learn about the whole process or for any other questions.

Where is my job in Muskie Link? I log in and don't see it

Each separate job on campus will have its own unique line in the time entry screen. If the job isn't there, then likely the work authorization has not been submitted to Financial Aid and Payroll. For more information on the work authorization process, click here.

Where do I pick up my debit card?

Note: due to the requirements of the Patriot Act, cards may be mailed to the permanent address entered at enrollment. Ask someone at home to send the card here and sign up early! Debit cards not delivered home are delivered to a student's mailbox at the mail room. They are tracked as special packages and require a signature to deliver them. If the note is not in the mailbox to get the package, please ask the workers to check for the debit card.

Other questions are answered on Sallie Mae's FAQ page.


*ATM access is fee free at New Concord Riesbeck's and at any ATM in the Allpoint Network or any Fifth Third Bank ATM. Locations are available at their web site. The ATM at Century National Bank will not access a fee, but will be accessed a fee by Sallie Mae (sort of 'half price').
** Future enhancement offered when available.
*** Some departments may wish to establish separate procedures for the input of time.

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