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We hope you find what you need within these pages, but if not, please feel free to contact us. Our offices are open from 8:00am - 5:00pm on Monday - Friday, and 9:00am - Noon on Saturday (September–April only).

Muskingum University
Office of Admission
163 Stormont Street
New Concord, OH 43762

PH: 740-826-8137
Toll-Free: 800-752-6082
Fax: 740-826-8100

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Meet the Staff

BDBeth DaLonzo

Senior Director of Admission
& Student Financial Services

Best way to contact me: e-mail
B.A., Muskingum University

Beth joined the staff in 2001, and oversees the Admission and Student Financial Service Offices in her role as Senior Director.



Q & A:
1. What do you like best about working at MU?

The people –  I love getting to know our students and interacting with them every day; they are always teaching me something! Our faculty and staff are the best in the business.  I can’t imagine working with a more caring, sharing and giving group of people.

2. Fondest childhood memory?

I grew up an only child in a small town in Eastern Ohio, and was blessed with a wonderful extended family and many dear friends who loved me, believed in me and supported me every day of my life growing up.  And today! My memories are of walking to school with friends, playing outside until the street lights came on, riding bikes every day all summer long and sitting down to dinner every night with my mom and dad.  Just like on 70’s TV shows!


MRMarcy Ritzert

Associate Director of Admission

Best way to contact me: e-mail
B.A., M.A., The University of Akron

Marcy has served the Muskingum Admission Staff since 2004, and works with students applying to the PLUS Program.

Q & A:
1. What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

Although I love my job helping students get admitted to Muskingum University, there’s a ton of other stuff that keeps me busy at home!  I have two gardens that take up a lot of my time in the summer. I also have two dogs, chickens and honeybee hives. I am never bored at home – there is always something that needs to be done!  I also love to cook and travel.

2. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

I love the outdoors, and the most adventurous thing I’ve done is taking up backpacking with my husband several years ago. We’ve seen some amazingly beautiful scenery and I’ve accomplished physical things I’ve never thought possible. We love our country’s National Parks, but there are also many other areas that we’ve visited. Any backcountry trip is open for discussion

GGary Atkins

Assistant Director of Admission

Best way to contact me: e-mail
B.S., VA Tech

Gary has served the Muskingum Admission Staff since 2000, and works with students from NW Ohio, SW Ohio, Southern Ohio, and SE Ohio along the river, upstream to Jefferson County.



Q & A:
1. What are your most-prized possessions?

My music collection: vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital--I value it all (though I surely prefer the seek/find process for the non-digital). My high school years were all about soul and funk; college radio in the early 80's exposed me to punk (and post-punk), new wave, reggae and world music, and electronic and industrial music (among others); and working in an independent record store in a university town from 1990-95 only poured gas on the flames. Twenty years later, they're still burning.  Oh, and my mountain bikes: I have two Specialized Stumpjumpers--one set up for road riding (strictly for exercise), and the other for off-road use...because, as the saying goes, the fun begins where the pavement ends!

2. What are your "go-to" nature destinations?

If I had an hour, it would be a walk around the New Concord Reservoir with my dog, Woody; a day, the AEP Recreation Lands a half-hour south of town; a week, the Jefferson National Forest and the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains in my beloved homeland of SW Virginia; a month, the Clearwater National Forest in northern Idaho (specifically, the Kelly Forks area, near the Montana border). Great--now I'm daydreaming, and worthless for the rest of the afternoon!


Jake Burnett
Jake Burnett

Associate Director of Admission

Best way to contact me: e-mail
B.A., Muskingum University

Jake has served the Muskingum Admission staff since 2006, and works with prospective first-year students from Ashland, Stark, and Wayne counties. Jake also works with all transfer students.

Q & A:
1. Favorite Activity: Every summer, I try to take a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. There's not much I'd rather do than paddle through those lakes and rivers, camping out and catching fish for dinner.

2. Best thing about Muskingum: During my sophomore year here at Muskingum, I met my future wife. We've been married since 2006 and I can't imagine a better life than what we have shared here in this community. Muskingum truly is a special place.

Dani Crown

Admission Counselor

Best way to contact me: Email
B.A., Muskingum University

Dani joined the Muskingum Admission Staff in 2016, and works with students from Carroll, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Knox, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, and Tuscarawas counties.


DSDavid Snider

Senior Admission Counselor

Best way to contact me: E-mail
B.A., Muskingum University

David joined the Muskingum Admission staff in 2012, and works with students from Crawford, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Pickaway, Richland, Union, and Wyandot counties.

                                                                                                                                                                            Q & A:

1: What's your "15 seconds of fame"?

I once made it on the ESPN "Top 10." Unfortunately, it wasn't because I was doing anything athletic. I was on the official stat crew for the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Tournament when Brittney Griner threw down a dunk. Front row seats meant I made the clip that was on TV!

2. What's your favorite sports memory?

Well, I'm a Cleveland fan (Go Browns!), so I don't have a lot to choose from. Kidding aside, I'm a golfer, and seeing Jack Nicklaus play in his final round at The Memorial was awesome! To see a living legend play in his own tournament for the last time was an experience I won't forget!



CRChelsea Roberts

Admission Counselor
Best way to contact me: E-mail
B.A., Muskingum University

Chelsea joined the Muskingum Admission staff in 2013, and works with students from Ashtabula, Columbiana, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Huron, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Summit, and Trumbull counties in Ohio. Chelsea also works with prospective first-year students from outside of Ohio.

Q & A:
1. If I was a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would I be?

Vanilla, because you can dress it up with any kind of topping and it will always work!

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy crafts I find on Pinterest (most have turned out well if I do say so myself), ride horses (I have since I could walk), play with my bulldog, Oliver (he is a handful and a half), and shopping (buying all things Magenta!).

MLCMeri Linn McCollum

Director of International Admission & Immigration Services Operations, Coordinator of Study Abroad, English Support Program Coordinator

Best way to contact me: e-mail
B.A., University of West Florida
M.A., University of Massachusetts-Boston

Meri Linn has served the Muskingum Admission Staff since 2007 and Study Abroad since 2005. She works with international admissions,immigration services, study abroad, and the English Support Program.

Admission Counselors

The 2015-16 MU Admission Team

(L-R: Marcy, David, Beth, Jake, Chelsea, Gary, Dani)

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2016-17 MU Tour Guides

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