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Pre-professional Programs for Careers in Healthcare


Muskingum University has a long history of preparing students for successful careers in healthcare, providing excellent preparation for students seeking to enter professional schools in such areas as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

As undergraduates at Muskingum, students will complete the requirements for an appropriate degree program (e.g., biology, chemistry, molecular biology, or neuroscience), the prerequisite course work for the appropriate graduate or professional school, and staisfy all requirements of our core curriculum (General Education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum).



The following links will help students pursuing advanced or professional degrees in the following fields:


At Muskingum, faculty advisors work closely with students interested in the health professions, providing guidance and mentoring by:

  • Suggesting guidelines and timetables for students to successfully complete prerequisite coursework and other requirements relating to individual fields.
  • Advising students about extracurricular activities desirable for admission to health professional schools, such as community service, shadowing experience, research, internships, and leadership opportunities.
  • Sponsoring guest speakers such as alumni in the medical field, and research scientists.
  • Assisting students with preparation of their professional school application materials, and advising them about personal essays and interviews.

Application for admission into health professional programs are made independently by each student, usually early in the fall semester of the senior year.  The student consults with faculty members on the Pre-Health Committee at Muskingum about his/her intention to apply, so that the committee can evaluate the credentials of each student, formulate an overall letter of recommendation, and serve as a point of contact between applicants and admissions offices at the professional schools.


For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-professional healthcare studies:

Dr. Deepa Perera, Dept. of Chemistry
Muskingum University
163 Stormont St.
New Concord, OH 43762
Email: dperera@muskingum.edu

Other pre-professional healthcare faculty advisors are:

Dr. Brian Bergstrom, Dept. of Biology
Email: brianb@muskingum.edu

Dr. Larry Normansell, Dept. of Psychology
Email: larryn@muskingum.edu



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