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Special Muskie People

The individuals listed below are alumni of Muskingum University who have made their mark in the world. Their brief description links to a more extensive biography.

William Rainey Harper, Class of 1870

One of America’s most outstanding educational reformers, founder and president of the University of Chicago

William Oxley Thompson, Class of 1878
Former president of The Ohio State University

Agnes Moorehead, Class of 1923
Emmy-winning actress from TV show Bewitched

Philip Caldwell
Former CEO of and Chairman of the Board of Ford Motor Company

John H. Glenn, Class of 1962
Astronaut, U.S. Senator

Annie Castor Glenn, Class of 1941
Wife of John Glenn, advocate for children, elderly and persons with disabilities

William Dentzer, Class of 1951
Founding Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Depository Trust Company

Jack Hanna, Class of 1969
Well-known naturalist/adventurer, TV personality, Director (emeritus) of Columbus, OH Zoo

Jacqueline Dudek Woods, Class of 1969
First woman president of a major public utility company, Ameritech Ohio

Nikhil Deogun, Class of 1991
Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Business News, CNBC