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The Muskingum Degree - External Perspectives

A question commonly asked - or one that should be asked - by prospective students and their parents is how a college or university’s degree is perceived by the larger world community. Ivy League institutions and many large public universities are household names, but what about the many fine liberal arts and sciences colleges like Muskingum University?

Alumni of small colleges have had a tremendous impact on society, to a far greater degree than their enrollments might suggest. But what about Muskingum in particular? We are glad you asked!

President James Monroe once observed that “the test of education is not what a student has learned, but what the student has become.” For generations, Muskingum alumni have emerged as national and international business leaders. Using President Monroe’s benchmark, the wealth of contributions to the nation’s free enterprise system by Muskingum College alumni offers the highest commendation of our educational program.

Here are two external perspectives which validate this point.

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business School conducted a research study and published their findings in the book, In Their Time: The Greatest Business Leaders of the Twentieth Century. This report identifies the 20th century’s 1,000 greatest world business leaders based on their entrepreneurial innovation, management skills and transformational leadership How does this relate to Muskingum?

Muskingum is one...

  • of only 196 institutions in the world represented on the list, which includes more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S.
  • of only 75 U.S. institutions to have more than one graduate on the list
  • of only 5 U.S. institutions with undergraduate enrollment of less than 2,000 students with more than one selection (Amherst, Grinnell, Stevens Institute of Technology and Wabash are the others)
  • of only 5 colleges in Ohio with more than one selection (Case Western, Miami, Ohio Northern and Ohio State are the others)

With two business leaders selected, Muskingum has as many as Ohio State and Georgetown, and more than Duke and Indiana University.

The two Muskingum business leaders are:

Philip Caldwell, retired CEO of Ford Motor Company, who is credited with orchestrating one of the most dramatic and successful turnarounds in business history. Philip, a long-time member of Muskingum’s Board of Trustees, and his wife, Betsey, were the major benefactors of new communication arts building on the Muskingum campus, named Philip and Betsey Caldwell Hall.

Walter Young, Jr., who led Champion Enterprises, a diversified housing and recreational vehicle company, from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to the number two company in the industry. Walter, who has been featured on the cover of both Fortune and Forbes magazines, is also a member of the Muskingum Board of Trustees.

Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Hall of Excellence

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Hall of Excellence was established in 1987 to recognize and honor alumni of member institutions whose lifetime achievements exemplify the traditions, ideals strengths and values of private higher education. To date, 93 individuals have been selected from the 35 member institutions across Ohio. Muskingum is represented by seven Hall of Excellence honorees, which represents the most of any member institution, along with Ohio Wesleyan University. Muskingum’s inductees are:

  • John Glenn: U.S. Senator, pioneer astronaut
  • Philip Caldwell: Chairman of the Board and CEO of Ford Motor Company, Senior Managing Director of Lehman Brothers
  • Charles Pilliod: Chairman of the Board and CEO of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
  • John “Jack” Hanna: Director Emeritus of Columbus Zoo, syndicated television host
  • Anna “Annie” Glenn: Advocate for Health Disabilities
  • Jacqueline Woods: President and CEO of Ameritech Ohio - first woman to head a major public utility
  • William Dentzer: Founding Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Depository Trust Company, the world’s largest securities depository

How does this relate to you and what you want out of your college education? Well, as John Glenn has stated, “...if you get your start here, you can go anywhere.”